Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Latest from the Spanish science blogosphere

Two current articles on Ji-Huan He and Mohamed El Naschie.

From Francis the Mule, there's the 18 February 2011 post Carnaval de Matemáticas 2.1: Por qué una revista del montón (IJNSNS) tiene el mayor índice de impacto en Matemática Aplicada. Or see Google's English translation, Carnival of Mathematics 2.1: Why a trash-heap journal (IJNSNS) has the greatest impact factor in Applied Math.

On Ben Goldacre's Mala Sciencia, a 23 February 2011 article Dos ejemplos de mala ciencia en publicaciones científicas discusses El Naschie Watch's favorite scientists. Here's Google's English translation: Two examples of bad science in the scientific literature.

An earlier Francis post:

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  1. Interesting revelation in the second post: it seems that He was forced to retire from IJNSNS! If this is true, it's breaking news and number 11 in the Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial should be turned into red.

  2. Oh, the first post gives details about that:

    "In 2011 and will not do: IJNSNS editorial has changed (from Freund to De Gruiten ) and its main editor (Ji-Huan He) has been replaced (by Krishnaswamy Nandakumar)."

    Definitely worth a post, Jason.

  3. The last (third) comment is stuck in the spam filter.

  4. The new publisher is De Gruyter, not De Gruiten (bad translation by Google):

    New Journal at De Gruyter!
    International Journal of Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation

    and the new Editor-in-Chief KRISHNASWAMY NANDAKUMAR is a chemical engineer from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA:

    Dr. K. Nandakumar.

  5. OMG "forced to retire from IJNSNS!" Huge, huge news if true. It's He's primary journal, and the one in which he invested his impact factor efforts.

  6. still lists Ji-Huan He's name and email address, but De Gruyter and K. Nandakumar do seem to have taken over. This adds credence to the possibility of He's having lost his job at Donghua University. Yes, this development needs its own post.

  7. I think the above IJNSNS's website is obsolete (the most recent data is from 2009). Furthermore, the registrant of the domain is He himself (the address given is of Donghua University), not the former publisher (Freund). Freund's website appears to be dead, as it is its entire domain; I wonder if this publisher is now defunct.

  8. Damn, blogger software: check the spam box, Jason.

  9. Thank you. I unstuck it.

  10. Yes, Freund might be defunct. Here is a story (in German) from last year about De Gruyter buying 20 of Freund's journals:

    Full list of bought journals: