Monday, February 7, 2011

Mini black holes are not the only danger

An eccentric named Richard Kane has graced El Naschie Watch with a comment I enjoyed. Unlike those of Author Frank M. Dimeglio who ignores the subject of this blog, Richard Kane's writings and interests are on-topic.

According to his Blogger profile, Kane is "Active in fighting Black Hole danger". His interests include "Domesday [sic] Black Holes".

He has a blog,, but sadly it's not about physics crackpottery.

Kane points us to an article of his, Doomsday Collider Revisited, on Here are last two paragraphs:

It’s nowhere near a chance in a million, but my prediction is more than fifty-fifty that if that if [sic] the future finds and honors anyone around that was trying to stop the first atomic explosion, and more recently if Otto Rossler, Elisabeth Young, and myself are treated like heroes, science won’t destroy the world. But if the entire earth and our part of the Universe is continuously used as a laboratory, something will end up destroying us.

PS. Actually I feel a little guilty comparing myself with Otto Rossler who made so many advances in quantum theory [?], and his endless efforts to postpone to a later century, and perhaps another planet, black hole research. But no renege [sic. renegade] scientists by themselves can save us without the help of a few Hollywood screen writers, and a few renegade politicians here and there. It’s our earth not just for the scientists to argue about. Everyone reading this, let’s pressure UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to do his job when it comes to reviewing the safety of scientific experiments that encompass the whole earth.

Otto Rössler is well-known to our readers. I had not previously heard of Elisabeth Young. But apparently she is the hysterical author of this article on, which is so outlandish from beginning to end that it's a shame to have to choose a quote. Here's the flavor:

The Electrocution of the Earth

Electrical current has been used to torture humans for decades. There is no evidence, testimony or research that would indicate the victims of this cruel and unusual punishment are rendered unconscious when the torture begins.

If you are not convinced the LHC is a risk to mankind, then I plead with you to stop the Hadron Collider for the sake of our Earth.

Each time the LHC is fired, God, the Planet, Gaea, our Mother Earth is violently shocked with 3,500,000,000,000 volts of electricity...

3,500,000,000,000 volts of electricity could terminate the laws of matter and the human race...

Imagine for a trillionth of a second you are the Earth and are trapped inside a Collider Torture Tunnel where you are subjected to 3.5 trillion electron volts of electricity...

The Earth, now severely compromised, is struggling to take a breath of air...

Ms. Young uses "volts" and "electron volts" interchangeably, but never mind. The whole article is like that. Go have a look.

Richard Kane has a warning for us that I had not heard before:

cold research lead [sic] to fascinating results and led me to the unique conclusion that actually reaching absolute zero could be extremely dangerous

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  1. Elisabeth Young is on Op-ed News, Veterins Today with the opposite politics a real plus and the People's Voice,

    Jason you are read by those who agree with you or want to keep track of what the oposition is up to. Maybe you could post to non collider sites or chase after trying to get published by Huffington Post the way I do.

    However your points make me wonder if besides getting new people involved Elisabeth Young could be chasing others away.

  2. Richard points out this link on It looks like a longer, more complete version of the Elisabeth Young article I quoted and linked to.

    Richard, as to whether she could be chasing people away -- she often quotes scripture, which in a scientific forum will make people tune out instantly, so yes.

    Let me know what other sites you think I should give links to. I am delighted to hear I am read by parties on both sides of the LHC debate.

  3. My father was active in the Quaker disarmament movement in the 50's and was terrified that the Communists would come to the early anti-Vietnam War peace vigils and ruin the image. People were terrified of being accused of being commies back then. The anti-black hole movement was at first smeared as being connected with those who wanted creationism in the schools. Thus, Jason you are chasing religious people away from the movement.

    Why should a well connected screen writer keep active if it scares people like you that she is.

    The research grant chasing scientists will seek a new smear not an old one if you threaten their grants in the future.

    I wish I could link the harangue against religious fanatics to my earlier article in Capital Hill Blue but I was banned, falsely accused of removing posts from my computer and accused of playing games accusing hackers of doing it. Some of my material I have salvaged by Googling where the article has RichardKanePA (from Pennsylvania) missing at the top.

  4. I'm not against religious people. I'm against quoting scripture in scientific discussions. It's equally dumb whether Christians like Elisabeth do it or Muslims like on the Arab Physicists Forum.