Thursday, February 10, 2011

Richard Kane on the LHC, 9/11, and more

We were introduced to Richard Kane in an earlier post, Mini black holes are not the only danger, in which he warned cryogenics researchers against attempting to attain absolute zero. Today he sent an email to me and Otto Rössler complaining that

about two years ago the Collider articles at the NYTimes stopped mentioning dissidents at all, and the rest of the science section lost quality as if the editor was getting kickbacks.

He points to an interesting 28 September 2008 article he wrote. Scientists are trying to create a mini Black Hole being fascinated on what it might look like. It is worth reading in full, but let me quote a few passages here.

... certain scientists like Otto Rössler are scared it may get out of control and consume the earth... gene spicing [sic] insecticide into plants would kill off all insects, and might even poison mammals. Maybe this is what is killing the bees... Let’s stop being sheep and cows and march on our UN and demand that our United Nations stand up for us all for a change. We can have a sit-in if need be... With 9/11, I know the government could have seized construction secrets, which would explain no good picture of the Pentagon crash. Since few people strangely died on the ground at the Pentagon...

Be sure also to read the six comments, four of which are from Richard himself. In one of them he suggests a novel approach to black hole risk containment:

I have a compromise, concerning creating a Black Hole. How about a vacuum chamber inside a vacuum chamber. And the outer vacuum chamber covered by a hard ball. And a rocket ship placed on top on the ground to send it off into space if the miniature Black Hole turned out to be stable not just a fleeting moment.

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  1. This is Richard Kane again,

    Otto Rossler, who warns about black hole danger, is worried that some sort of safety device in the LHC is less-functional due to Einstein’s theory on time. Short warning at,

    I wonder if high resolution identical photos could be placed on identical toy roller coaster sets, at various places near the LHC and at a distancee, identical toy roller coasters with identical high resolution film and the images superimposed on each other to note time differences. If time is a dimension like height, width and depth, perhaps we actually see slight variations in time at the same time. Maybe when the speed of light is reached, things move over in time, red and infer red only slightly, violet and gamma rays at an ever more rapid pace away from us in time, making gamma rays appear like extremely narrow ribbons, and inferred rays wide ribbons since the rest of the gamma ray is perhaps too far away in time to see. Could the beautiful specs in the collider that got Allen Roland so excited,
    could they actually be the same specks in slightly different time sequence so close that they appear like two or more particles traveling side by side.

    If the earth can become two centimeters, and atom collapsing would be of the same perportions. And very close to the center where the atom once was before gravity would become pernounced. Tires and toy tops even water spots become unstable if a much large mass them themselves hits them, such as at high speed such as at high temperature. The coolant in a collider is liquid helium more manageable to consume, since it is smaller and slower. Maybe little gravity holes or gravity pits are floating around the center of planets and other bodies. However, a rich diet of the LHC could make a new one larger than any that might already be there. Could gravity holes shrink in size forever, or some minimum threshold similar to the threshold of the speed of light, except for new matter constantly pulled in. Could dark matter be micro gravity holes and dark energy be matter that was being pulled into these microscopic holes?

    I had many more questions at a physics blog but was banned as a crackpot,
    Could someone better with a computer please answer whether a micro black hole growing to the weight of the earth would be like a dust mite growing to be the weight of a iron ball as heavy as one as big as an iron ball as big as a solid mass as big as the earth’s orbit around to the sun, but only growing in length and width to be that of a roach, or to a iron ball as big as the solar system. As a little boy I set out to get the number of grains of wheat, some blogs say rice when the king was requested a grain of wheat doubled for each square on a chess board, I always liked to estimate. On the math SAT’s I estimated that half the math question answers were totally off, like stating 9.3 centimeters between the earth and the sun instead of 93 million miles. I ask people good with math using a computer to fine tune my estimates instead they sometimes get spread around as is. If you can only push keyboard keys without a wild estimate of what is being calculated, there is no way of estimating such questions as danger or lack of them in collider research.
    Richard Kane

  2. Hi Richard,

    I understand that you are a PA, but what - exactly - is your science training?

    I remember just before the LHC started running, a young lady (I think in India) committed suicide because she was convinced by media reports that the LHC would destroy us. I don't want to build my image as the doomsday prophet...

    Should the LHC be placed in the same category as the Hydrogen Bomb? We do things on a regular basis (nuclear fission & Chernobel, experimental efforts towards contained thermonuclear fusion, research on deadly viruses, gene-splicing for our foods, space missions powered by Plutonium, chemical pesticides and fertilizers, ... - where do we stop?) that COULD be detrimental to our health or our survival as a species or COULD give us a better understanding of our existance or huge benefits to society. Risk vs. benefit are often weighed.

    Personally, I think that tachyons can travel faster than light, but cannot travel backwards in time and violate causality. And there is no guarantee that the Higgs (if it exists) will behave like a tachyon. Newton's second law says F=m*a, but we still don't understand the origin of mass...

    Personally, I think that quantum-sized Black Holes are not a danger to the Earth's survival. There are falacies with the concept of a Black Hole "singularity" that a proper theory of quantum gravity should solve - I don't think that the Black Hole "singularity" is an infinite vacuum cleaner. What if we could develop a stable material that could expel gravitatonal fields the same way that superconductors expel electric fields? Would you want to purchase a gravitational hover car, or prevent its production?

    On a cosmic scale, we are children, and we have no idea of what the future may bring. Like children, we do not always acknowledge our own mortality. We can only trust our governments (and their best experts) to make the correct choices for us in these matters of scientific research.

    For today, Live and Have Fun!

    Ray Munroe, Ph.D. Particle Physics, FSU, 1996

  3. PA=from Pennsylvania

  4. By the way I tried to re-post Richard's comment with links enabled, but the result unfortunately slightly exceeded Blogger's size limitation for comments. :(

  5. Hi Shrink,

    Is Richard a regular guy from Pennsylvania, or is he a Public Attorney? It seems that this blog site attracts lawyers...

    Too bad that "RayMunroeFL" doesn't imply something else...

    Have Fun!

  6. "Too bad that "RayMunroeFL" doesn't imply something else..."

    I don't get it, Ray.

  7. Ray, his blog doesn't look very lawyer-infested to me. Also, lawyers spell better than Richard, in my experience.

  8. This is Richard again. We humans have admired taking incredible risk sometimes for little reason such as the race to the South and North Pole. The first Nuke explosion after the fear of Hitler getting it first, was a heavy risk, the first H bomb equally so. Insecticide genetically added corn and robot warfare where the targets are chosen by computer and the other sides trying to sabotage this close to equally so. My guess is that Collider research is a little less risky of creating doomsday. But if we keep taking risk we will likely eventually destroy ourselves. Otto should be treated like a hero even if it ends up a false alarm. By the way the danger of collider research leading to mega weapons research is a very great danger.

    By the way I think that dancing particles all in the same order sounds like the same particle at slightly different time frames. I always raked my brain when I heard something I don’t understand rather than quoting formula, and if I slightly accidently made a scientific logic breakthrough I find this very exciting.

    By the way after a blog post at blogspot disappeared and I couldn’t contact google to find out why I avoid using blogspot and find reader supported news has good back up until I find a blog site where one can contact management by phone.

    Sincerely, Richard Kane in Philadelphia just a BA degree without college science courses.

  9. Opps I meant to say after fear of Hitler getting it first was over was an incredable risk that should get the US berated for as much as Hiroshima Day

  10. Ray, based on the last sentence in this comment it's obvious that "PA" refers to Pennsylvania.