Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shawn Halayka drops a bomb

The eccentric Canadian resigns his FSNGQHEP editorship as a matter of principle. I don't always see eye to eye with Shawn, but credit where credit is due.

I was BCC'd on this email:

I recently came across some disparaging remarks made against Liu Xiaobo at

As I'm sure you all know, Liu Xiaobo is a person who could not attend his own Nobel ceremony because he has been jailed on the order of a decade for political subversion.

Politics is the one subject that I don't really compromise on, and I am quite rabid about defending democratic socialism. Please do not consider my political ideals to be naive -- I personally know over a dozen first and second generation Chinese-Canadians who are here for a very good reason.

I do not wish for my political activism to make things uncomfortable for my would-be-associates (especially Dr. He, who actually lives in PRC), and so I must withdraw my acceptance to be on the editorial board of Fractal Spacetime and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantum and High Energy Physics.

Xie xie,
Shawn Halayka

And Shawn sent me this one directly:

Tell ya what... If you reprint the email, could you perhaps please mention that I'm not your source, and that this is the first piece of info I've ever sent you?

I mean, I could have sent you the pics of el Naschie and thooft from their meeting a month ago, but I didn't...

You can reprint this email too if that's easiest.

And then another one to me:

Even though I'm annoyed by El Nachie's political comments, I told El Nachie that I would not send the pics out to anyone, and so I won't. It is my (very strong) opinion that 't Hooft was unaware that these pics were being taken, and so releasing them to the public would probably mess with 't Hooft's privacy more than it would El Naschie's. As far as I know, 't Hooft doesn't deserve to have his privacy messed with.

The email that the pics came with is dated Nov 26th 2010, so it's from about 3 months ago. My memory is bad.

As far as I can tell, it looks "Novemberish" in the outdoor pics, and so El Naschie and 't Hooft might have actually met this past November.

I will provide the list of the people who received the pics... Perhaps your source(s) are among them:

[19 email addresses redacted. --Jason]

I know it seems silly that I'm worried about 't Hooft's privacy at this point in time, given that the pics went out to a dozen or so people months ago... but 't Hooft was a very nice man who always gave me solid advice on why my papers were unsuitable for popular consumption. He was never condescending.

I used to think of El Naschie the same way -- he was generous, democratic, and never condescending when it came to letting me publish my papers in his journal. His political views on China and Libya are completely contrary to this democratic spirit. I am actually kind of concerned for El Naschie at this point, since it's very obvious that he is conflicted internally to the point of being incoherent. It's like there's two personalities within him, fighting for control.

- Shawn

P.S. If you publish this one, please redact the above recipient list, for privacy's sake.

The resignation email was sent to the full editorial board. Their identities are as follows.

1. Mohamed El Naschie, E-infinity group member

2. Ji-Huan He, E-infinity group member
This email address from Soochow University is new to us. Did Donghua University fire him?

3. Leila Marek-Cjrnak, E-infinity group member

4. Shokry Ibrahim Nada, E-infinity group member

5. Mohamed Atef Abdel Azim Elsayed Helal (M.A. Helal)
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science, Cairo University, Giza 12613, Egypt.
Research Interests: Solitons and Solitary waves, Computational Fluid Mechanics
Helal's connection to El Naschie was previously unknown to El Naschie Watch. Click pic for bigger.

6. Susie Vrobel, cited by Kerri Welch
Feeling Groovy (mp3)
contemporary art gallery
The Institute for Fractal Research

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  1. I don't know about a bomb -- more like, I left a can of Pepsi on someone's doorstep in -30C weather. Mostly pointless.

    None of this should be an indication that I "hate" El Nachie, or that I "love" your blog.

    I should also give you credit where credit is due. I talk a lot of smack about the Canadian government, because they do a lot of very stupid things. If I lived in PRC, I would be jailed or worse for these things I say. My wife would be jailed, or worse. My kids would be given to my family, or worse to an orphanage.

    Fuck that shit.

  2. I received a very civil email from El Naschie, but the email does not recognize the importance of political subversion, nor the importance of that Nobel peace prize.

    I didn't respond.

  3. Shawn, El Naschie not only has contempt for Liu Xiaobo, he is also a fan of Internet censorship. See El Naschie: Egypt should filter Internet like China and Again, El Naschie calls for Internet censorship.

  4. Well then.

    El Naschie and the Canadian govt would get along famously because warrantless wiretapping is a common interest.

    So today, I baked a cake with my oldest child... And played cooking mama on wii, and went to the store and bought a surprise treat bag, and drew a picture on the computer, and talked about stars, and watched some barbie movie/napped.

    If Canada was like PRC, I wouldn't be able to say "Damn you Canada for even remotely considering warrantless wiretapping". If Canada was like PRC, all the cool shit that I did today would never happen again. That's too fucked up to even contemplate.