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Yet another El Naschie video! 48 Hours

The Arab World (العالم العربى) network interviewed El Naschie on a show called 48 Hours (برنامج 48 ساعة). Here we have embedded the two parts. Thank you to MrSamehNLP who uploaded them to YouTube on 17 January 2011. I have downloaded them for safe keeping. They are in Arabic only, but you don't have to understand exactly what he's saying to see he's doing his usual act -- pretending to be a great scientist. The interview aired in January 2010. The interviewer is Syed Ali (سيد علي). He looks credulous and respectful.

Here's the description:

العالم د. محمد النشائى عالم الفيزياء أعظم العقول بعد أينشتاين ونيوتن فى برنامج 48 ساعة
محمد صلاح النشائي أستاذ بمؤسسة سولفاى للطبيعة والكيمياء بجامعة بروكسل الحرة ببلجيكا ، وأستاذاً زائراً في ست من جامعات العالم ، بينهما جامعتا القاهرة والمنصورة في مصر .

Or, in English:

Scientist Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, one of the world's greatest minds in physics after Einstein and Newton, on the program 48 hours. Mohamed Salah El Naschie is Solvay Foundation Professor of Chemistry and Physics at the Free University of Brussels, Belgium, and a visiting professor at six universities around the world, including the universities of Cairo and Mansoura in Egypt.

د. محمد النشائي استاذ النانو تكنولوجى فى 48 ساعة " 1 ".
Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, professor of nanotechnology, on 48 Hours. Part 1.

At 7:05 in part 1 El Naschie holds up a copy of
The Mathematics of Harmony by Alexey Stakhov. E-infinity group member Scott Olsen was a collaborator on that book, according to

From the comments below, here is Hossam's description of part one.

The interview was in January 2010 as they mentioned an important game in the African cup of nation which occurred in that time.

Part one

The introduction is the same as all his Arabic interviews, except now Syed Ali said that El Naschie was nominated for Nobel prize 4 times. He ranted briefly about conspiracies that prevented him from taking the prize and said the usual claim that a Nobel laureate said that El Naschie deserved it more than himself. They spoke about the surgery that he is going to make soon. Then Syed Ali said to him : your most important contributions in physics are Nano-technology, traveling through time (yes I swear that's what he said), and the golden ratio. El Naschie chose to speak about the Golden ratio first. He first showed the book by the "Russian academician" Alexey Sakhov. He said that this book got him nominated for the Nobel prize and that all this book is based on El Naschie's work. Syed Ali suspected plagiarism but El Naschie said that this is not the case as almost half of the book is a citation for his work. The rest of this part he was talking about the golden ratio in art and music and then he made the claim that his theory is to use the golden ratio to describe scientific phenomena.

د. محمد النشائي استاذ النانو تكنولوجى فى 48 ساعة " 2 ".
Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, professor of nanotechnology, on 48 Hours. Part 2.

In part 2 El Naschie talks about Hosni and Gamal Mubarak, and mentions his "teacher", Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine.

Arabic readers, please point out any interesting parts. I expect the great man makes outlandish claims, as usual. He can't help himself.

This is not the interview Sistani referred to, because it was uploaded prior to the big anti-Mubarak demonstrations.

Here's Hossam's description of part two:

Part two (this is much more interesting)

El Naschie begins with saying that the objectivity of science is not as people thought but rather it's something relative that depends on ethical values. Syed Ali asked him: did you correct a theory of Einstein? El Naschie said: yes this is correct, by using the golden ratio I was able to do calculations, that would take years on a supercomputer, only by hand. I was afraid, El Naschie says, when I first said these corrections. But this book (pointing to Alexey's book) proved me correct. However, the biggest surprise is that 3 or 4 days ago they proved experimentally that my work is correct. [Referring to Coldea, et al. --Jason]

Syed Ali asked him about traveling through time. El Naschie said that it's permitted by Einstein's theory but most importantly chemical reactions that go from order to chaos do not permit it (he tries to explain the second law of thermodynamics in popular terms). Ilya Prigogine, who was like a father to El Naschie [El Naschie's curse!] he claims, described that this process can be reversed in some reactions. And therefore, time can be reversed and humans can prevent themselves from aging.

Then he speaks for a couple of minutes about Nano-technology and its application in medicine. He says that this could lead to humans being able to grow arms when theirs are cut the same way that Geckos grow tails when theirs are cut.

Some non-interesting talks about ways of promoting Nano-technology in Egypt, and then they turn to politics. Syed Aly asks him explicitly: some people have been saying that Nobel laureates like Ahmed Zewail may deserve to be presidents, what do you think? El Naschie says this is laughable when people think that only because of Nobel you can be president. Syed Ali was not satisfied, he asked him more explicitly: if you were to choose between president Mubarak and Ahmed Zewail who would you choose? El Naschie says my vote is certainly for president Mubarak and if he did not choose to re-elect then I would definitely choose his son Gamal. Syed asks him what are your reasons for favoring Gamal? El Naschie says because he was raised in a military household and learned how to make decisions, he is also very nice and educated person there is no reason to reject him. In the same time, What are the credentials of the other guy (meaning Ahmed Zewail) to be a president? you can't be a president just because you have a Nobel prize.

Then Syed wishes him a successful surgery and ends the interview.

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  2. Wonderful! Please continue. I'm on the edge of my seat.

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  6. President Hosni Mubarak has resigned from the NDP, according to Al Jazeera.

  7. It's even bigger than that. His son Gamal and all the leaders of the NDP have also resigned. The NDP is virtually empty now.

  8. Why doesn't Mubarak just quit the presidency now, I wonder. It's not like the few months until the elections will be much fun for him. His power and prestige are mortally wounded. His friends are abandoning him.

  9. It seems that he believes he's in the middle of a fight and he won't leave till the fight ends. He thinks of himself as a hero and won't flee like Ben Ali did, as he said in his last speech "I was born and will die in this country"

    Besides, if he managed to stay till the election and his government supervised it, he can, with the help of the thugs and the security, manage to put one of his men in the presidency at least to prevent him and his family from being persecuted by the court.

  10. The fight is over. Saying he won't leave Egypt is painting himself into a corner. Dumbass.