Thursday, March 24, 2011

CHAOS 2011 tosses Ji-Huan He off committee!

For background, read CHAOS 2011, Crete and My email to CHAOS 2011, Crete.

El Naschie Watch gets results!

Check out the Conference Committees page. Ji-Huan He's name has gone missing from the list of Honorary Committee members.

It will be interesting to see whether he shows up at all. We'll find out on May 31.

On the Special Sessions and Workshops page, one of the organizers is Prof. José Manoel Balthazar. Readers may remember him as the Editor-in-Chief who fired Ji-Huan He from Mathematical Problems in Engineering, which is number 24 on our Master List.

For lots more information about Ji-Huan He, see the links at the bottom of this page.

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  1. nice work, congrats!

  2. Neither He nor the Great Man gave talks and/or contributed papers to the conference:

    Program and Abstracts of the CHAOS 2011 International Conference