Thursday, March 17, 2011

An El Naschie video taken during the revolution!

The video is in Arabic with no subtitles. The quality is quite good, even full-screen.

As our Elbeet Beetak translator describes it:

THIS VIDEO IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This video alone is enough to destroy any credibility of the douche. The interview was conducted during the revolution before Mubarak left. He comes out defending Mubarak vehemently and asking for Zewail and El Baradaei to leave Egypt.

Questions: What channel or network is this? What is the air date? What is the moderator's name? Any comments on the video will be appreciated.

If I can figure out a hosting solution, I'll update this post. In the meantime, go here to download it; or, if you can manage to navigate the website from whence it came, watch it there.

Requirements for hosting: The video is just over an hour long, in .rmvb format, and 186 megabytes. A free host that provides code for embedding in a blog is desired. Suggestions are welcome.

For more El Naschie videos, see Full English and German subtitles are ready! and the various links given at the bottom of that page.

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  1. I should translate some of this at some point. He asks for an end for the revolution, and he asks for El-Baradie to leave Egypt. A far cry from him recently asking El-Baradie to 'save' the nuclear energy project