Saturday, March 12, 2011

El Naschie's position as columnist at risk!

We derive much entertainment from the great man's daily column in Rosa Al-Youssef. In our February 13 post Editor-in-Chief who hired El Naschie is imperiled we mused that the editor, Mubarak toady Abdullah Kamal, might lose his job in the post-revolution political climate, and that that would spell trouble for El Naschie's Rosa column. El Naschie has long used his column as a platform for groveling to Mubarak and the NDP.

Our Elbeet Beetak translator points to this short article by Mohamed Galy (original Arabic or Google's English translation) which I'll put inline in its entirety

علم "اليوم السابع" أن الدكتور يحيى الجمل، نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء، والمشرف على شئون المجلس الأعلى للصحافة ومجلسى الشعب والشورى، سيعلن خلال ساعات التغييرات الصحفية فى مؤسسات: روز اليوسف ودار الهلال ودار التحرير، على أن يتم الإعلان عن بقية التغييرات فى المؤسسات القومية المتبقية نهاية الأسبوع الجارى، على أقصى تقدير. Aware of the "seventh day" that Dr. Yahya Jamal, Vice-Chairman of the Council of Ministers, and the supervisor of the affairs of the Supreme Press Council and the People's Assembly and Shura Council, will be announced during the hours the changes press in institutions: Rosa Al-Youssef, Dar Al Hilal Dar Al Tahrir, to be announced for the rest of the changes in national institutions the remaining end of this week, at the latest.

وأكد مصدر، وثيق الصلة بشئون المؤسسات الصحفية، أن الحكومة رأت إعلان أسماء قيادات المؤسسات السابقة تداركاً لحالة الغليان فى تلك المؤسسات، على أن تؤجل بقية المؤسسات القومية الأخرى، وتحديداً الأهرام ودار أخبار اليوم، إلى نهاية الأسبوع الجارى، لدراسة عدد من الأسماء المرشحة فى رئاسة مجالس الإدارات والتحرير. A source, close to the affairs of press institutions, the government saw the announcement of the leaders of institutions, the previous order to stop the turmoil in those institutions, to postpone the rest of the national institutions of other, specifically the Al-Ahram, Dar Akhbar Al-Youm, to the end of this week, to study a number of names of candidates in the presidential boards of directors and editing.

according to which Rosa can expect a change of editorship to be announced within a week. This looks very bad for El Naschie. He has been so pro-Mubarak that his attempts to re-invent himself as pro-revolution are comical. The new editor is likely to fire him. Particularly if he or she discovers that El Naschie isn't even a real scientist. Being a scientist is the only conceivable reason to keep him now that Mubarak is gone.

Zahy proposes that El Naschie begin kissing ElBaradei's boot as soon as possible. Unfortunately for El Naschie he has insulted ElBaradei so frequently and viciously that his kisses would not be convincing. What can he do? Will he lose his column?

And the drama continues unfolding. Thanks to the commenter for the Seventh Day link. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

The new Editor-in-Chief of Rosa Al-Youssef, replacing Abdullah Kamal, will be Wael El Ibrashi.

An official announcement is expected on Sunday.

Here's a 2007 article mentioning El Ibrashi: 'Press freedom does not exist' in Egypt. It says he was fined 20,000 LE (US $3500) for "harming public interest" as editor of Sawt al-Umma during the Mubarak administration. I expect he will change the direction of Rosa. I wonder what his email address is. I should send him a link to El Naschie Watch.

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