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Finally some media shakeout, hopefully

Our Elbeet Beetak translator points to an important and timely article in Dostor, or "Constitution", a privately owned newspaper associated with opposition to Mubarak.

This post is a follow-up to Uh Oh. Egyptian media shakeout stalled.

Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

The newspapers Al Ahram and Rosa Al-Youssef have long been government organs printing whatever Mubarak and his National Democratic Party wanted. So protestors have been getting impatient for editorial changes. Here is what Dostor says:

الإبقاء على سعيد ورزق..وحماد للأهرام ونافع للجمهورية وسلامة لروزاليوسف
Said to maintain the livelihood .. and Hammad Al-Ahram
and is useful for the Republic and
the safety of Rosa Al Youssef

علم الدستور الأصلي من مصادر مطلعة أن التعديلات الوشيكة في المؤسسات الصحفية القومية أصبحت جاهزة للإعلان خلال ساعات إلا إذا تدخلت عوامل جديدة لتعطيلها. Flag of the original Constitution from informed sources that the impending changes in the national press institutions are ready to announce within hours unless new factors intervened to disable them.

والتعيينات الجديدة ستكون على النحو التالي: The new appointments will be as follows:

الإبقاء على عبد المنعم سعيد رئيسا لمجلس إدارة الأهرام وتعيين عبد العظيم حماد رئيسا لتحريرها خلفا لأسامة سرايا. Maintain Abdel Moneim Said Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Ahram and the appointment of Abdel-Azim Hammad, head of the successor to edit Osama Saraya.

تعيين خالد بكير رئيسا لمجلس إدارة دار التحرير ومحمود نافع رئيسا لتحرير الجمهورية. The appointment of Khaled Bekir Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dar Al Tahrir and Mahmoud Nafie as chief editor of the Republic.

تعيين عبد الصادق الشوربجي رئيسا لمجلس إدارة روزاليوسف وأسامة سلامة رئيسا لتحرير جريدة روزاليوسف وإبراهيم خليل رئيسا لتحرير مجلة روزاليوسف ومحمد هيبة رئيسا لتحرير صباح الخير. The appointment of Abdel-Sadek mill Chairman of the Board of Rosa Al Youssef, Osama safety chief editor of newspaper Rosa Al Youssef, Ibrahim Khalil, head of the editor of the magazine Rosa Al Youssef and Mohammed prestige as chief editor of Good Morning.

تعيين حلمي النمنم رئيسا لمجلس إدارة دار الهلال مع الإبقاء على حمدي رزق رئيسا لتحرير المصور. Set my dream Alnmnm Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dar Al Hilal Hamdi, while maintaining a livelihood was the editor of the photographer.

ولم يتم بعد تحديد اسم رئيس تحرير أخبار اليوم رغم التأكد من الإطاحة بممتاز القط مع الإبقاء على محمد بركات رئيسا لمجلس إدارة المؤسسة وياسر رزق رئيسا لتحرير الأخبار. Has not yet specify the name of the editor to make sure news of the day despite the overthrow of the cat with excellent while maintaining Mohamed Barakat, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman Yasser Rizk to edit the news.

ولم يتسن للدستور الأصلي الحصول على أسماء رؤساء التحرير الجدد للأهرام المسائي والأهرام الاقتصادي وأكتوبر. It was not possible to obtain the original Constitution of the names of the editors new to Al-Ahram Al-Ahram evening and the Economic and October.

There must have been some wrangling behind the scenes, because Wael Elebrashy had previously been announced as the new Editor-in-Chef of Rosa, but now his name is nowhere to be found. I can't tell from this translation who the replacement is. Osama somebody? But in any case, if this article is correct, NDP aparatchik Abdullah Kamal is doomed as Rosa's Editor-in-Chief, and that can't be good for El Naschie.

At the venerable Al Ahram, Editor-in-Chief Osama Saraya is to be replaced with Abdel-Azim Hammad. I don't know who he is, but anyone would be an improvement.

I should mention that this Dostor piece is getting huge numbers of comments! This one in English made me chuckle:

Ali Kazam · University of Kent, Law Course
I wish the coalition’s bomb Al-Ahram’s building with 100 rockets.
أعجبني · رد · منذ حوالي ساعة

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  1. The changes still have not taken place. There are 267 reader comments now and no sign of letting up. People are impatient.