Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New chief editors at Rosa Al-Youssef and Al Ahram

A reader points to a breaking news article by Mohamed Galy in Youm7 or "Seventh Day". Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

El Naschie, a long-time Mubarak sycophant, could well lose his job writing the Egypt Tomorrow column in Rosa Al-Youssef.

At Rosa, Editor-in-Chief Abdullah Kamal has been replaced with Ibrahim Khalil, who will decide El Naschie's fate. Presumably Kamal's picure will soon disappear from the front page of Rosa. It's still there at the moment. I don't have a photo of Khalil but presumably one will turn up soon on Rosa.

At Al Ahram, Osama Saraya has been replaced with Abdel-Aziz Hammad for Editor-in-Chief.

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  1. If anyone finds Ibrahim Khalil's email I'll send him the note I sent to Wael Elebrashy when we thought he was the new editor.

  2. transcripts

  3. Link enabled:
    A Salafist preacher exultant after the Yes vote on Egypt's recent constitutional referendum. With English subtitles.