Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Physics Forums thread on E-infinity

A commenter called petergreat opens the discussion. Is the E-infinity blog to be taken seriously, he asks?

Markus notes that the E-infinity blog kicked off on April Fools Day 2010! Haha. I overlooked that entirely.

Element4 points to El Naschie Watch's Introduction to Mohamed El Naschie.

If any E-infinity group members are reading this -- Don't let them call you crackpots! Head on over and defend Dear Leader.

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  1. The Great Man's sockpuppets were infesting Physics Forums some time ago, so I'm curious why they stopped. Maybe they are now banned instantaneously when they try to post, as was your case once:

    Comment moderation: A Naschie Party win

  2. Haha yes, they ban at the drop of a hat.