Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scott Olsen podcast interview on the golden ratio

More information about E-infinity group member Scott Olsen than you can shake a stick at!

We last wrote about Scott Olsen in Twaddle from E-infinity group member Scott Olsen and were promptly castigated by Ray Munroe.

At Gnostic Media, Jan Irvin has a long interview with Scott. You can download the MP3 or listen to it streaming on that site.

Jan gives this information about Scott:

SCOTT A. OLSEN, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy & Religion at the College of Central Florida, Scott first received international acclaim by successfully decoding the geometric mysteries of Plato. His book, The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret received rave reviews, and in 2007 was awarded a 1st place for design by the Bookbinders’ Guild of New York. A life-long student of the Ancient Wisdom, he has studied under physicist David Bohm, world religion expert Huston Smith, sacred geometers Keith Critchlow & John Michell, and esotericist Douglas Baker. A member of the Theosophical Society in America, Scott lectures widely on the Perennial Philosophy (in both its ancient and modern forms) with special emphasis on the Divine Proportion and transformative states of consciousness. In 2009 he assisted Alexey Stakhov with his highly acclaimed book, The Mathematics of Harmony: From Euclid to Contemporary Mathematics and Computer Science. Today he is working on his new book, Divine Proportion: the Mathematical Perfection of the Universe, due out in the Spring of 2012. Scott will be giving a lecture and workshops in New York in May on Nature’s Divine Proportion and the Canon of the Human Body. Then in June he will travel to the Bibiotheca Alexandrina, Egypt where he will present a workshop on The Philosopher Mathematicians of Alexandria: Euclid and Hypatia for the New York Open Center’s “Esoteric Quest for Ancient Alexandria: Greco-Egyptian Birthplace of the Western Mind.” Applying his knowledge of proportional symmetry in physique competition, Scott won 1st place as Mr. Minneapolis, Mr. Twin Cities, Mr. Gainesville, Mr. Northeast Florida, and the prestigious New York open title, Mr. Apollo. A member of the Florida Bar, he resides in Ocala, Florida.

  • 1983: Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Florida; Dissertation: The Pythagorean Plato and the Golden Section: a Study in Abductive Inference
  • 1982: JD, University of Florida
  • 1977: MA, Philosophy, University of London, Birkbeck College; (philosophy of science thesis: The Collapse of Continuous Space-Time)
  • 1975: BA cum laude, Philosophy & Sociology, University of Minnesota; Senior Honors Thesis: Platonic Aesthetics

NY Open Center Esoteric Quest for Ancient Alexandria that I mention in my bio:

And here is the site for my upcoming sacred geometry workshop in New York:

Theosophical Society in America lecture on The Golden Section and the Roots of Theosophy (March 10, 2011):

There are at the moment 25 reader comments! One of them points to El Naschie Watch.

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  1. Just saw this on this ( ) on the arXiv and my spidey sense tingle for various reasons. But then I looked closely and saw "in which irrational value p ≈ 1.58.. of the ratio of the two longitudinal periods is close to the value of the “golden ratio” equal to 1.618..."

    1.58 surely is almost exactly 1.618...and no citations to the great numerological tradition of El Naschie!? Truly this is a travesty worthy of a lawsuit.