Friday, March 4, 2011

Thilo Kuessner looks at Kerri Welch's thesis

This is a follow-up to our recent post How can this be a dissertation defense?

Read the new post on Mathlog. Original German Merkwürdige Doktorarbeiten or Google's English translation Strange PhD.

Thilo finds the thesis amusing, but gives Dr. Kerri Welch a break because she is, after all, not a mathematician or physicist but a philosopher of some sort. He concludes

As long as one does such work only in philosophy (and not in mathematics) as a PhD, it's still all right, I would say.

Isn't that too charitable though? A thesis in philosophy (or any other subject) that uses math idiotically should be rejected until the math is fixed or removed. Her woo-woo thesis advisor Brian Swimme is incompetent in this regard. In spite of having aligned himself with the powers of the Universe, rudimentary mathematics remains beyond his abilities. So it is up to others to point out the sham that is A Fractal Topology of Time and the scam that is the California Institute of Integral Studies.

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  1. Thilo's post has attracted twenty or so comments so far.

    El Naschie Watch readers may enjoy the German blog forschungsmafia (Google's English version: research mafia) whose link was posted by one of the commenters, Stefan W. It's not about El Naschie, but it's got lots of posts about corrupt science, cheating, plagiarism etc.