Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Two small Rössler tidbits

A new Rössler paper, and a new comment by Richard Kane.

First the paper.
T-L-M-Ch Theorem
What is unusual about this paper is that Rössler doesn't say he's submitted it to Science and Nature and the first journal to accept it is the winner.

Then we have this comment on Physics Forums from Richard Kane:

I don’t know physics symbols nor use a calculator, and still improving my computer literacy. However the mega-penny project pointed out that a quintillion pennies, would be a cube almost as big as Mount Everest is high,
and one grain of wheat doubled for each square in the chess board, is 9 quintillion. With gravity, one is dealing with cubic chess boards, and the amounts increasing four times faster. So it’s something like an ant growing in weight to the size of a solid iron spear the size of the earth’s orbit around the sun, growing length and width the size of a roach or perhaps the mass of a ball the size of our solar system, consumed by a dust mite, or if my estimation is wrong since I don’t use a slider rule or computer program, maybe as big as if a new dust mite began eating globes the size of our solar system every second since humans began to walk the earth. So gravity holes could be in planet centers and we wouldn’t know it for trillions of years, and tiny gravity holes when gathered from a small part of condensed splatter as cosmic ray hits a particle will join it until it reaches a neutron star. However any holes produced by a collider isn’t traveling the speed of light, and may make the sun disappear. The energy beam a far richer diet than any hole would have eaten in the earth’s center. An if unstable a large meal too fast makes a spinning top or tire wobble. The energy meal maybe less then if facing a neutron star, but trillions of times cooler. The liquid helium cooling coils might be perpendicular and despite gravity pulling down the hole jumps up when reaching helium atom and not be knocked off until the atom is gone, and the next atom right near by at the almost same speed instead of crashing into the hole making it perhaps unstable. If strangelets spill at the test site the Swiss will wish it was oil. And trying to secure the magnets could be like the thick glass used in the earlier race to try to create absolute zero causing more loss of eyesight then the thin glass vials did. Please google, Doomsday Gambles or False Rumors

Richard Kane

Thanks to the reader who pointed out the paper on, and to Richard Kane for emailing his comment. "I'm in ur LHC" is from Lubos Motl's blog where I found it by Google image search.

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