Saturday, March 26, 2011

Uh Oh. Egyptian media shakeout stalled

For background, please read El Naschie's position as columnist at risk! and My email to Rosa Al-Youssef's new editor with the reader comments.

The page pointed out by one of our readers saying Wael El Ibrashi was to replace Abdullah Kamal as Rosa Al-Youssef's Editor-in-Chief has been taken down! I'm worried. As of this writing the front page of Rosa still has a picture of Kamal.

This is a disturbing development for the Egyptian revolution. And of course there have been well-publicized reports of young women protestors being subjected to so-called "virginity tests" by the army. Is this part of an ominous pattern?

The expected shakeout in such posts as university presidencies has not happened either. Hend Hanafi, who gave the completely unqualified Mohamed El Naschie a position the physics department, is still in charge at Alexandria University. The completely incomptetent Amr Ezzat Salama, Mubarak appointee Minister of Science and Technology and friend of El Naschie is also still in place.

The headline graphic is from Egyptian Chronicles, where Zeinobia writes about a protest at the Egyptian Radio and Television Union building in Cairo. The People Want to..Purify the media. It depicts twenty big-name media holdovers from the old regime. I recognize Abdullah Kamal, third row center; and Osama Saraya of Al Ahram at the top left.

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  1. El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column is up for Sunday, 27 March 2011. Bread alone is not enough. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

    El Naschie writes aimlessly about revolutions, communism and capitalism. Finally coming to the point, he concludes by warning Egypt against becoming ensnared by a capitalist American mirage of superficial liberal democracy.

  2. Hey Jasson. You should be able to recognize Khairy Ramadan (center of the first row) from the famous El Naschie interview in which he challenged him to support his Nobel nomination claims. Khairy announced that he is going to leave his show in one week as a respond to the public demand to purify the media (being on a state run channel, his covering of the revolution was, well, it made a lot of people upset).

    As for universities presidencies, this is a major demand for the majority of students in almost all universities. Being loyal to the NDP was almost a requirement for anyone to take this position in the Mubarak era. Most people want these figures changed now. The army is reluctant in making these changes saying that they do not want to interfere that much in the state affairs and that there is no legal basis for it.

    It's always difficult to judge the army's motive. Many of the actions did by the army were incoherent. As for the incident you cited above (which I do believe that it did happen), AFAIK the army acknowledged only that they used force to diverge the protests and they apologized for that saying that it won't happen again (although it did happen again). Although the army is still widely respected, it is fair to say that these actions feed a growing sense of uncertainty among the public about the army stance.

  3. Khairy grew a funny little goatee, so I didn't recognize him! I think I'll number the faces and readers can help figure out who all these people are.

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