Wednesday, April 13, 2011

El Naschie Birthday Book available on Kindle

Now you can take it with you wherever you go.

Pick it up for $31.96 on, or grab a used dead-tree hardcover edition for only $10.82. What a deal!

The Kindle display is black-and-white so the illustration uses artistic license.

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  1. Hey Jason, this is not strictly related to El Naschie but nevertheless still amusing. Hend Hanafy, president of Alexandria university, is humiliated by the students in a seminar in front of Farouk El Baz.

    It is in Arabic, but I believe you can still get a feeling of the situation. I can give a description of the dialogue if you're interested.

  2. Wow! That is absolutely in scope of El Naschie Watch. Please describe dialogue!

  3. Haha they are mad as hell about something...

  4. This is not a word by word translation, rather a description of the dialogue.

    Hend starts by saying: The education system in Egypt is good but we want to improve it still, (hearing the audience laughs), well I say this because we saw you speaking in the television and fighting for your rights and this tells us that the education is good.

    The audience say: we did not learn this from the university.

    the guy with blue T-shirt: what we learned at the university is that we fail in the exams because we wanted to learn. Some people failed us because we speak in politics. Our friends used to be kidnapped by the security forces in their way to the university. This is what we learned in the university. We learned how to be hypocrites to magnify the people at high positions and belittle ourselves.

    Hend: still we are proud of the students at Alexandria university, and will always be.

    The guy with green T-shirt: And we are NOT proud of the administration that persecuted us.

    Hend: we sit down with your colleague behind you for six hours.

    Guy with blue T-shirt: six hours after what? after 30 years ! you waited for us to make a revolution ! you waited till thousands were killed.

    Hend: the revolution has ended already.

    Guy with blue T-shirt: the revolution is still going and will keep going until we bring people from ourselves who can build this country. What were the current people waiting for to build ? waiting for money ? waiting for orders from above ? we are the ones who will bring the money.

    Guy with green T-shirt: if these people wanted to build the country they would have done so.

    Hend : we wanted to improve the education but we did not have enough money

    Guy with blue T-shirt: Malaysia did not have much resources either.

    Hend: they put all their resources to serve education

    Guy with blue T-shirt: Well that's we want.

    Guy with green T-shirt: we wanted this all along, but the people who were leading us did not permit us to accomplish anything. These people have to step down.

    The guy in the front speaking to Farouk el Baz: You shouldn't have done this seminar in this small hall without announcements. It had to be in a bigger hall with an announcement at least a week earlier. All the students want to see you.