Sunday, April 17, 2011

El Naschie vs. Nature law suit news

The court case has been going on since early 2009 and El Naschie has said in a Rosa Al-Youssef column that he expects it to run another year or so. News about the case is difficult to come by, so we are pleased to publish the following email exchange between an El Naschie representative and Shawn Halayka. Nature's lawyers, Taylor Wessing, will want to read it. (1) is the first chronologically and (5) is the last, so you may want to read from bottom to top.

(5) S Halayka [Shawn] to me [Jason], Chaossf [El Naschie]

Jason, you have my full permission to reprint these emails. I hate traps.

At least you and I know that I am not your source. Thank you again for our FIRST civil email exchange last month regarding distinct power of two integer partitions.

(4) S Halayka to Chaossf, me

You know damn well that the tides turned as soon as you started talking bullshit about Chinese Nobel-holding dissidents.

Fuck you.

(3) On 2011-04-17, at 12:45, S Halayka wrote:

Let me rephrase that. Go fuck yourself for insinuating that I am somehow linked to Jason of El Naschie Watch when you know damn well that I made myself look like a total asshole on Motl's The Reference Frame by vigorously sticking up for you for years.

And for supporting Mubarak.

(2) On 2011-04-17, at 12:41, S Halayka wrote:

Go fuck yourself.

(1) On 2011-04-17, at 11:09, Chaossf wrote:

Dear Mr. Halayka,

The latest request from the solicitors of Nature is for the documents mentioned in people's witness statements. However we cannot provide these as our email was hacked into some time ago and over 13,000 emails disappeared in one go. This is a matter we are still following up. In paragraph 3 of your statement you refer to suggestions given by the editorial board. Do you still have any of these emails/letters? If not, would you be willing to sign another statement saying you do not have them all? I attach for your convenience a blank witness statement format so that you may write what ever you wish if that is the case.

I fully realize the problems we had last time so this time I would say it is sufficient to scan a signed copy in and email back and just put the original in the mail.

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

S. Hilmi [A lawyer or secretary for El Naschie apparently]

A member of the group [the E-infinity group] has brought to my attention that you are in contact with Jason of El Naschie Watch. May I please request that you do not discuss any of these legal points/matters with this character. It is imperative that we are not seen to be breeching any clauses of confidentiality. Thank you very much for your understanding and assistance. It is much appreciated.

The hacked email story sounds made up. An excuse to avoid providing Taylor Wessing the documents they want.

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  1. Jason, could you somehow parse the emails above and put them in chronological order? Otherwise it's very hard - even to a faithful reader of your blog - to understand who is telling whom to go fuck themselves, and why...

  2. They go from oldest at the bottom to newest on top. All fuck-yous are from Shawn to El Naschie's representative.

  3. I got another email response from El Naschie. I forwarded my response to you.

    So many sock puppets, I don't care if it's him or not. I told this S. Hilmi person months ago that I wanted nothing to do with them. To write me yet again is most certainly a call for "fuck you".

  4. And for what it's worth, I also think Nature can eat a bag of dicks for charging through the roof while not paying a dime to their contributors. It's not quite as bad as El Naschie's crap, but close enough.