Saturday, April 23, 2011

Engineering Design Manual for Roads

This 35-page Saudi government civil engineering manual mentions El Naschie's name several times but with spelling or orthography that is unfamiliar to me. Can any Arabic reader confirm or deny that our El Naschie is the one named here? It's plausible since he got a degree in civil engineering and did some construction work in Saudi Arabia.

Typical occurrence:

عند تصميم أي طريق يجب أن تكون بيانات أحجام وأحمال المرور المتوقعة متوفرة لعملية التصميم النشائي للطريق .

Google's English translation:

When the design of any road must be data volumes and anticipated traffic loads are available for the design process El Naschie of the road.

Saudi Road Design

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  1. I can't read the document for some reason. In the sentence you quote there is a missing letter in the word. Putting it back, the word mistaken for "El Naschie" becomes "structural".

  2. Aha! Weird. The missing letter appears in the PDF but not when the text is copied and pasted.

    I found the PDF by Googling El Naschie's name. The hits were to the word "structural".

    So, this is a false alarm. No El Naschie here. Thanks for clarifying!