Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ji-Huan He to speak at Jiangnan U today!

El Naschie Watch readers in the vicinity of Shanghai won't want to miss this irresistible heckling opportunity. Announcement in original Chinese or Google's English translation.

April 13 Mechanical Engineering Seminar -
Large Professor He Jihuan Soviet Union:
from zero-dimensional started talking about science

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Topic: Speaking from the zero-dimensional - in fact, very simple research

Talk time: April 13, 2011 PM 13:30

Venue: Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Jiangnan University, Lecture Hall C302

Guest speaker: Professor He Jihuan, Soochow University, the famous non-linear mathematics and mechanics expert

Teachers and students are welcome to participate!

Guest Profile:

Professor He Jihuan nonlinear mathematics and mechanics engaged in the research, in the mechanical dynamics, fluid mechanics, nonlinear mathematics and mechanics, vibration and shock dynamics, nano-mechanics, bio-mechanics, textile and mechanics, has a significant impact. Invited to many universities around the world and research units for non-linear mathematics and mechanics on the special report. He set up the variational iteration method, homotopy perturbation method for solving nonlinear equations such as new technology is a revolutionary non-linear mathematics and mechanics breakthrough has been widely used to solve various types of domestic and foreign scholars nonlinear problems . According to web of science, the search to the 876 topics include "Variational Iteration". HE Ji-huan Fellow of the other articles have been widely cited, there were 18 articles cited more than 200 times the number, the maximum number of times to 754 times a reference to the article published in the 2006 INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MODERN PHYSICS B. Because of its non-linear mathematics and mechanics of outstanding contributions, HE Ji-huan Fellow in 2008, won the first "scientific frontier - the Research Excellence Award", in addition, Thomson Reuters at March 16, 2010 "Scientific observation", the world's 12th largest in 2009 elected one of the hottest research scientists, HE Ji-huan researchers selected to be the only Chinese professor, ranked tenth.

HE Ji-huan magazine editor in chief researcher as the following:

Nonlinear Science Letters A: Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics

Progress in Nonlinear Science (ISSN 2077-8139)

[I think the instances of the word "Soviet" in the Google translation above are caused by Soviet Union and Soochow University both being abbreviated SU.]

The last two journals mentioned above are numbers 12 and 13 in our Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions.

Jiangnan University, Soochow University (current affiliation) and Donghua University (possibly now an ex-affiliation) are all in the Shanghai area, so this won't be a long trip for "the famous non-linear mathematics and mechanics expert".

For more about the disgraced Ji-Huan He, see SIAM president attacks El Naschie and Ji-Huan He! which has many links.

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