Friday, April 29, 2011

Luboš Motl calls Baez "an irrational numerologist"

John Baez, famous to El Naschie Watch readers for his fear of Mohamed El Naschie's lawyers, has written a new article in Scientific American called The Strangest Numbers in String Theory with coauthor John Huerta.

Luboš, in today's post John Baez, octonions, and string theory finds fault with the piece. He says of Baez and Huerta that they are

two people who manifestly and demonstrably don't understand string theory - not even at the undergraduate level - [who] are writing articles for widely read journals pretending to be scientific magazines...

He says they're trying to promote their "idiosyncratic bullshit". And

he is nothing else than an irrational numerologist who can never distinguish real insights from superficial distractions... John Baez's knowledge of string theory is an infinitesimal fraction of the knowledge of a good graduate student... the article hyping a set of a few simple mathematical observations is just pathetic... from authors who don't have a clue about string theory... Scientific American shouldn't be publishing stuff written by people who don't know what they're talking about.

John Baez, of course, got El Naschie's dander up by accusing him of being a numerologist.

In This Week's Hype, string theory skeptic Peter Woit (whom Luboš calls an "enemy of science") also writes about the Baez-Huerta piece. Baez himself pipes up in the comments.

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  1. Incidently Elnashie's article in Akhbar Elyom Newspaper did not appear this saturday. However, there is an article of Ahmed Zewil instead. I am sure this would derive the great man nuts. It is not even an article written by Zewil to Akhbar Elyom but a translation of his article in another journal.

  2. Thank you for that information! I hope he returns next Saturday.

  3. And here is that Zewail article. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Yes, this will annoy El Naschie greatly.

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