Sunday, April 10, 2011

The news is there's no news

Mohamed Mustafa's blog, famous for posting photocopies of El Naschie's Rosa Al-Youssef column, makes no mention of El Naschie's firing. It does, however, have a graphic of an El Naschie interview in Almasry Alyoum about which we wrote in El Naschie feigns nuclear expertise.

Click pic for bigger.

There are no new E-infinity communications since number 85 which we wrote about in More E-infinity communications for your amusement. That is odd, because El Naschie, unencumbered by his column, has plenty of time to devote to them.

El Naschie's main website has had the current news section updated with a reference to "the Mubarak era" and "the Egyptian revolution":

Honoring Professor El Naschie by the Minister of Science & Technoloy

Honouring Prof. Mohamed El Naschie (right) by his Excellency Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama, the current (2011) Minister of Higher Education and Minister of State of Science & Technology of Egypt for the contribution of Prof. El Naschie in initiating Nanotechnology initiative in Egypt and increasing the awareness of its vast and important applications in the Arab world.

Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama was the Minister of Science & Technology and held this position in 2005 during the Mubarak era. He was succeeded by Prof. Hani Helal. Minister Hani Helal left after the Egyptian revolution of January 2011. Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama was reappointed and he is currently responsible for higher education as well as research. Prof. El Naschie served as a voluntary adviser for both Ministers.

El Naschie's Arabic Wikipedia entry is still entirely fictional.

The Golden Mean in Quantum Mechanics and High Energy Physics and El Naschie's Views on Politics, Science and Culture are gathering cobwebs.

Well, there is one meager tidbit I can report. Readers will recall from El Naschie sees the writing on the wall that El Naschie hilariously insisted Ahmed Zewail apologize for stealing the great man's work or face a law suit. El Naschie Watch can confirm that El Naschie's lawyers have indeed made that threat; it was not idle bloviation confined to the pages of Rosa. Very interesting things are happening that I am not free to disclose, which is vexing given the paucity of El Naschie news currently. If readers find anything interesting about El Naschie or his E-infinity group, please let us know.

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    Not confirmed. I wonder if it was a suicide attempt, or heart failure, due to being a total fuckwit that is doomed to Hell?

  2. Shawn's link:

    Here's what Al Ahram says: "Earlier, sources close to the Mubarak family told Ahram Online that ousted president Hosni Mubarak left Egypt to Al Huseein Hospital in Amman, Jordan. However, medical sources at the hospital denied admitting the ousted president."

  3. I haven't been receiving E-Infinity emails either. I think he's truly stopped.

  4. P.S. I really couldn't give a flying fuck about El Naschie at this point. He crossed the line with that stupid comment about Paul Erdos in his one article.

    El Naschie knew that I spent the majority of last summer living in the forest due to homelessness issues. El Naschie is such a fuckface.

    Erdos was a god. I'm just a thug. Not a fair comparison at all.

  5. P.P.S. My time in the forest was still productive. It is where I came up with / worked out my little idea for testing Quantum Graphity.

    Please ignore the third section though. It is such bullshit. I made it that way to see exactly what I could get published. The reviewer said something to the effect "please include more references". I didn't bother writing back, taking that as a quasi-acceptance letter.

    Phil Gibbs can (but may not) verify that the third section was bullshit. I told him about it at the time.

    Yes people, I've been fucking with you all along. I'm sorry. I just wanted to find out who the real crackpots were.

    Lubos was right, it was the Loop people. And with that, I'm off. Toodles! Been a slice. Sorry Lubos.

  6. P.P.P.S. Ahh what the hell....

    I want to apologize to you too Jason. I took you for a crackpot asshole at first. Your emails to me regarding mathematics has proved to me that you are neither. Sorry about that too. Your intentions were obviously pure.

  7. Let me guess. The vixra link got trapped in the spam filter. :)

  8. Oh yeah... The only editor who ever personally attacked me was Jorge Pullin. I wrote him back a super crackpotty rant just for fun.

    Fuck you Jorge. You're a Loop crackpot.

  9. Thank you Shawn. Yes, I unclogged the spam filter.

  10. Shawn, in contrast to your "friends" (M. S. El Naschie & J. H. He) Jason earned a PhD in pure mathematics. :D

  11. Published where, Shawn? On vixra? If some baloney could pass their review, e.g., Amrit Sorli's papers, then your own papers would get through either.

  12. Dear Shawn,

    Are you OK? You sound unbalanced. Are you living in the forest again? Take a bath before they mistake you for Sasquatch...

    I looked over your paper. Yes - you diverged a bit in Section 3, but I like the basic idea. Quantum Graphity sounds a lot like Subir Sachdev's ideas.

    My Doctorate was in Particle Physics, but I also studied quite a bit of Solid State Physics. After Garrett Lisi's "E8 TOE", I started studying these lattice-like Lie groups closely. Years earlier, I had been mesmerized by the Special Unitary groups, and had completely overlooked the Exceptional groups - after all, a single E8 doesn't have the complex representations needed for CP symmetry violation. Lisi goofed an important detail - the vertices should be fundamental fermions, and the "struts" that connect these vertices should be force-carrier bosons - thus we require a lattice and its dual (in the case of E8 this requires a strictly real E8 and a strictly imaginary E8*, such that E8xE8*~SO(32)).

    I have considered Laurent Nottale's Scales and how discrete lattices might modify Spacetime at the extreme ends of its spectrum. I think that at the extremely large end of the Spacetime "continuum", we have a "boundary" similar to graphene that transfers holographic gravity from the Multiverse Scale down to our Classical Scale. Conversely, at the extremely small end of the Space Time "continuum", we have a "boundary" similar to nested Buckyballs of discrete quantum spacetime that prevents the full collapse of a Black Hole into the "singularity". After all, a "singularity" (an "Infinity") cannot exist in a Finite Observable Universe (13.7 Billion light years is huge but finite). For rotating Black Holes, pairs of these nested Buckyballs may morph into their homotopic cousin, a lattice-like torus.

    Some of these ideas are in my recent FQXi essay and blog thread, and in my recent publications in PreSpaceTime Journal. You may also want to read Peter Jackson's FQXi essay. Your ideas in this paper sound similar to his, but he is a "mathematics conscientious objector".

    Buckyballs contain pentagons that represent 4-D Pentachorons, and introduce the Golden Ratio via the 72-36-72 degree triangles that comprise a pentagram. This may introduce the origin of fermionic mass (side note - Higgs theory accounts for the longitudinal degrees-of-freedom and masses of the Z and W bosons, but not so well for three generations of fundamental fermions) similar to Coldea et al's magnetic Ising quasiparticles. Of course, Coldea et al used Zamolidichev's E8 model, but you can get the same result with any 5-fold symmetry (E8 has 240 = 5 x 48 roots).

    Amrit Sorli's ideas are not original in the least bit. Classically, how is a 4-D Spacetime block with sequential ordering any different than a 3-D dynamic Space? IMHO, his ideas fail when we consider the probabalistic nature of Quantum Mechanics. To me, this implies that he needs more dimensions (Hilbert space is infinitely dimensional) and more "blocks".

    Have Fun!

  13. OMG, living in the forest in Saskatchewan? You could freeze to death or be eaten by a bear.

    Ray, anyone who calls himself a "mathematics conscientious objector" you can safely ignore.

  14. Shrink, I appreciate the data. I'd call it information, but it's not new to anyone.

    I know that Jason is a verified mathematician.

    Did you not read past the first sentence of my post?

    Like I said before, the paper was intentional shit. The journal that gave me a quasi-acceptance was Foundations of Physics.

    If I had added the proper references and then resubmitted, I would have been intentionally trying to make a total fool of 't Hooft. He didn't deserve such a thing. It was Smolin that I was "after".

  15. Ray,

    Please reread the first two sections.

    Quantum Graphity is a fundamentally broken model.

    If you actually ran my code, you'd find that gravitation is repulsive because Quantum Graphity pretty well forbids the use of a timelike dimension in the formulation. If they did allow for use of a timelike dimension, it would just be the same thing as Regge calculus.

    So, the model is broken. End of story.

  16. Haha Jason.

    I only saw one black bear, and he was maybe only a year old. He was non-threatening, insomuch that he caught me totally by surprise, just sauntering along like a total doofus.

    On the other hand, the wolf that tried to lure me into the bush scared the shit out of me. I had to stomp and yell and then I walked away very very slowly. I do believe that I saw my life flash before my eyes.

    "Oh! The places you'll go". Heh.

    I also worked in the region too, so it's not like I didn't have squatter's rights. :)

  17. Oh yeah... Ray...

    If you want to see unbalanced/unhinged/unglued, you should check out my Twitter account.

    It is my finest piece of performance art yet.

    Mind you, it is sprinkled oh so slightly with random bits of utter sanity. I trust that these slips of the tongue don't ruin the desired effect too much.

  18. Sorry, one last comment.

    I really wish that I had placed a large bet on Mubarak having heart failure. I could have used the winnings to pay for a mortgage. ;)

    I hope he dies. He deserves it.

  19. Yeah Shawn, he's confirmed in the International Hospital in Sharm el-Sheik, VIP suite no. 306, cardiologists traipsing in and out. He collapsed during interrogation. "Noo Hosni, please don't die now! I want you to die in a prison cell!" one Egyptian said.

  20. Hi Jason,

    FQXi attracts a lot of "armchair philosophers". They want to rewrite all of Physics using either a minimum amount of or no math. I disagree, and keep telling them that Physics is a fundamentally bilingual language that requires BOTH mathematics AND language. Nonetheless, I think I see similarities between Shawn's and Peter's treatment of photons.

    Hi Shawn,

    I see similarities in some of your ideas, and other ideas that I am either interested in or working on. OK - I need to look more closely at the details and see if an attractive Gravity may exist in your model(and my models have at least two "time" dimensions).

    Go after Smolin if you like. IMHO, he was too quick to jump on Lisi's wave. And I am fundamentally a fan of symmetries - something that bothers me a bit about some of El Naschie's (E-Infinity has an odd "symmetry" of 5 x alpha^(-1)) and Smolin's ideas.

    Have Fun!

  21. Let me guess, Shawn: you consider every mathematician a crackpot unless you verify him/her, do you? :D BTW: What's your verdict about M.S. El Naschie and J. H. He? Did they pass your scrutiny? :D

    Regarding your paper: I see, you tried a reverse Sokal on that journal. Do you really think such baloney would pass peer review in such a journal? :D

  22. Shrink, what's your email address? I'll send you 't Hooft's email.

    Yeah, that's what I thought.

  23. Ray,

    I went after Smolin because he stole millions of dollars from the Governments of Canada and Ontario.

    Lisi is entirely unimportant, politically and scientifically.

  24. Shrink,

    I feel that I was too harsh in my last response.

    I have absolutely no interest in judging people unless they have prejudged others in a public forum. In that case, I don't just judge them. What I do is haunt them to the point of it being practically criminal. Most are smart enough not to prosecute, because they know it's a poison pill.

    I am vehemently opposed to this world's continued propagation of stigma.

    That is the sole reasoning and method behind my "madness".

  25. Shawn, what makes you think that I need/want ′t Hooft's e-mail? :D

  26. Because you questioned its existence in a prejudicial manner?

    You need Ginko buddy, and maybe a good dose of objectivity/ethics as well.

  27. Sorry, anon login is only one that works well for me on iPod

    That was me in the previous comment.


  28. Existence of what? ′t Hooft's e-mail? Shawn, you really should take your medications before posting comments. As for the objectivity and ethics issue: I consider your papers pure crack-pottery and your comments pure trolling - but feel free to continue, as long is it is connected to the focus of this blog. :D