Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yet another editorship for Ji-Huan He: BJAST

Incredible! British Journal of Applied Science & Technology (BJAST) is an open access journal listing Ji-Huan He as Co-Chief Editor, Shrink points out. I think BJAST is online only, not paper. This ostensibly British journal has no British editors, and its website is registered in India.

It's nearly time to call Guinness World Records. Fractal Wool Man could win in the categories

  • Most editorships
  • Most editorships fired from

BJAST has a program for completion of peer-review within 48 hours, and they charge authors a $500 per paper publication fee. Is that crooked, or just very very lame?

Thirst for excellence aside from spelling

BJAST is number 53 on our Master list of Ji-Huan He's editorial positions.

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  1. Of all the 14 persons listed in the editorial board, none
    is from the UK!


  2. I am not racist!!!

    besides... on those grounds one could also have a Martian Journal of Applied Science.

  3. This "SCIENCEDOMAIN international" reminds me of Medwell. No corporate information, country of origin etc. As a last resource I've checked the name of the registrant:


    As expected, this publisher is based in India (maybe the publisher thinks India is still part of the British Empire :D)

    P.S. Anonymous, Jason is joking. :)

  4. I know that he is joking!

  5. Ji-Huan He has been fired from this journal

  6. Hahaha you're right! Awesome. Someone there must read El Naschie Watch.

  7. Speaking of which, here's an odd journal:

    Though (surprisingly) He is not on the editorial board (yet), none of the members are actually from Antarctica!

  8. That journal spammed my department's email list once last year with a solicitation for papers! Very odd. I don't think real journals ever do that.

  9. BJAST spammed you? Or the Antarctica one.

  10. The Antarcticans.

  11. OMG WTF, you probably need Javascript enabled to see this Antarctic travesty.

  12. I begin to doubt the integrity of this publisher. It goes out to defraud authors and reviewers.

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