Thursday, May 26, 2011

Egystricker goes down!

Thanks to Zahy for being on the ball. See, this is why we have the El Naschie Watch Archives.

Karam Halim has taken down his blog The particular page (now a dead link) contained many comments for and against El Naschie. Fortunately we have most of those comments archived in Who's behind the El Naschie smears? but some of the most recent ones may be gone forever. At this time I am not sure whether we are missing any. Zahy thinks our archive was not completely up-to-date.

Karem Halim has a newer blog that includes some of the material he used to have at, but the El Naschie material is not there.

While searching for cached comments, I came across a couple more blogs in Arabic with discussions about El Naschie in the same vein as Egystricker, but not nearly as extensive:

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  1. Karem Halim in his new blog host the stuff concerning El naschie