Tuesday, May 24, 2011

El Naschie's brother Said slams Copt lawyer

El Naschie's brother Said Elnashaie is a left-wing Arab nationalist anti-Zionist firebrand who often makes the news in Egypt. He holds prominent positions in Ayman Nour's El Ghad party, and the Kefaya movement.

Afrique Avenir reports that

The Administrative Court of the State Council in Egypt decided on Sunday to withdraw the Egyptian citizenship of the Coptic lawyer Maurice Sadek who resides in the United States, removing his name from the Bar Association membership, because of what the authorities called treasonable offenses against the state

This came about because Sadek has called

for sanctions to be imposed on the Egyptian Government, because it is racist and persecutes Copts.

ANN TV tells the same story in Arabic, and my attention is drawn to the sole reader comment:

ا.د.سعيد صلاح الدين النشائى

1 - يستحق ذلك وربما أكثر

هذا الشخص تنطبق عليه كل مواصفات الخيانه العظمى والأنحطاط الأخلاقى. وهو لا يستحق أى جنسيه أخرى فهو لا ينتمى إلى فصيلة البشر من أصله. ولكن قبل ثورة يناير عندما كان رئيسنا صهيونى كان من الصعب القيام بذلك, ولكن الآن هذا حكم صحيح وعادل فى بلد لم تعد عميله للأستعمار والصهيونيه وعقبال ما نتخلص بإذن الله من باقى النظام المتصهين العميل للأستعمار والصهيونيه.

or, in English,

A. D. Said Salah El-Din Elnashaie

1 - It is worth it, and possibly more

There apply to this person [Maurice Sadek] all the specifications of treason and moral decay. He does not deserve any other nationality; he does not even belong to the family of human origin. Before the revolution of January, when our president was a Zionist it was difficult to do so, but now this is true and just rule in the country is no longer an agent of imperialism and Zionism and Akbal what, God willing, get rid of the rest of the system Almtzin client to colonialism and Zionism.

I know nothing about Sadek, but stripping citizenship is a drastic action, and calling political opponents not-even-human sometimes has bad outcomes. There have been highly-reported attacks on Coptic churches lately, so this is indelicate of Said.

Update added November 25, 2011. Sadek on Memri TV.

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