Monday, May 9, 2011

FSNGQHEP is moribund

Fractal Spacetime and Noncommutative Geometry in Quantum and High Energy Physics (FSNGQHEP) is the new vanity journal Ji-Huan He and Mohamed El Naschie established when the publishers of their previous vanity journals fired them [1, 2, 3]. Here is background on FSNGQHEP:

There are warning signs that all is not well. Look at the subscription page: It's gibberish.

Then go to the main page, click "Subscription Information", and notice that the third and the fourth of the "mailto" links are broken. One is for manuscript submission and one is for subscriptions, so this is no small matter. It seems no one has ever tried to submit a paper or buy a subscription.

Finally, if you click the "Articles" link, you'll see this:

We are well into May but apparently even Vol.1 No.1 hasn't appeared yet. Google Scholar also finds no articles published in a journal of that name, ever.

The prognosis is poor.

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  1. On the bottom of the PDF linked above, I notice the links to Elsevier, CPS (Chinese Physical Society, a legitimate organization?) and AMS. Nice attempt at legitimizing the Asian Academic Publishers scam by association to real organization that publish real science.