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The latest Otto E. Rössler news

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Three new blog posts by Redaktion on RekativKritisch have appeared since we last wrote about Rössler. And Rössler has continued disseminating his LHC alarmism at the Lifeboat Foundation.


RelativKritisch frequently features amusing photoshops of Rössler, and these are no exception, so go have a look.

15 April 2011. Otto E. Rössler – via RelativKritisch. Original German or Google's English translation. Blogger Redaktion reports that Rössler's support is crumbling. Readers will recall that Achtphasen was for a long time Rössler's favorite venue, but that proprietor Marc Phasnacht got fed up with him. "I hereby terminate the 'cooperation' with Mr. Rössler definitely and irrevocably", he wrote. This post has gathered 13 comments, including five from Rössler himself!

15 May 2011. Original German Das Goldene Brett – RelativKritisch nominiert Otto E. Rössler und Hartwig Thim or Google's English translation The Golden Plank - RelativKritisch nominates Otto E. Rössler and Hartwig Thim. The Vienna-based Society for Critical Thinking mocks crackpots and quacks with an award called The Golden Plank in Front of the Head. RelativKritisch has nominated Rössler and Hartwig Thim, an amusing character who goes to great lengths to show that relativity is wrong (ppt). The award ceremony takes place at 5:00 PM, June 2 at the Vienna University of Technology Natural History Museum which is the venue for a skeptic's conference. Original German or Google's English translation. Conceivably there could be a live broadcast or webcast. Redaktion's post has accumulated 21 comments so far.

20 May 2011. Redaktion celebrates Rössler's 71st birthday with unkind ridicule. Original German or Google's English translation.

Lifeboat Foundation

Rössler's posts on Lifeboat Foundation are all in English. Perhaps his plummeting reputation in Germany and Austria has forced him to reach out to the Anglosphere for the attention he craves.

27 April 2011. Neophobic Science Seen as Cause of the Present Apocalyptic Danger. He writes at length, beginning

The LHC experiment at the European Nuclear Research Center is presently being continued in defiance of a public proof of danger – that the planet will be shrunk to a diameter of 2 cm in perhaps 5 years’ time with a probability of up to 8 percent if the experiment goes on. The continuation occurs in defiance of the recent public appeal by a court to allow for a scientific safety conference first.

He asks readers to vote "Y" or "N" as to whether the LHC should be shut down. There are two Y and no N votes.

1 May 2011. Admirable Japan: Where a Government Official Can Publicly Weep for Jeopardizing Children’s Lives…

…while Europe continues to suppress the risk incurred by it regarding the lives of all children on the planet. The cover-up of this proven fact must end and CERN halt the LHC experiment.

May I dare ask the people of Japan to rally behind the Cologne Administrative Court who publicly called for the scientific safety conference denied by Europe for 3 years?

That's the whole post. Rössler wants the Japanese to join him in comparing the LHC experiment with Fukushima's earthquake-tsunami-meltdown disaster.

3 May 2011. Dear Mr. President: Rössler writes in full

Please, declare that I am wrong if I say that my proof stands undefeated that the citizens of the U.S. are currently subject to an attempt on their lives by the European Nuclear Research Council.

(The probability that the planet will be shrunk to 2 cm in a few years’ time is of the order of 8 percent if the LHC experiment is not halted immediately, according to my calculations based on Einstein’s equivalence principle published three years ago.)

I desire nothing more than a refutation but no scientist dares come forward so far. Ask Stephen Hawking.

Only your authority can cut through the Gordian knot. I subject myself to your judgment.

Why does he think Stephen Hawking will come to his aid? Anyway, a commenter named Steve Nerlich tells Rössler he's wrong, while one named Niccolò Tottoli shares Rössler's worry.

10 May 2011. I Need Your Advice. Rössler cries out

I am at a loss: I have a scientific proof that can save everyone’s life but no one listens.

In the comments, Rössler chats with gullible worry-warts.

10 May 2011. Boat-People Planet – Affirmative Science – One Billion Starving – CERN Fits in. Rössler relates the LHC experiment to drowning and starvation, and fields friendly comments.

19 May 2011. Dark Non-Sci-Fi. His last paragraph is classic Rössler:

I thank my large students’ audience of this morning in the town of Villingen: It was a privilege to be allowed to try and make transparent Einstein’s thinking to you. Take good care, young people of the planet.

One commenter thanks Rössler for his alarmism efforts and thinks he's making progress. Unfortunately, another commenter calls Rössler a crackpot!

Thanks to the reader who kept us up-to-date on Rössler.

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