Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My email to Prairie View A&M administrators

I just sent this. Haghighi was CCd.

Dear President George C. Wright, Director of Public Relations Ms. Sheleah D. Reed, Provost & Sr. Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. E. J. Thomas-Smith, and Dr. Danny R. Kelley, D.M.A., Dean of the Brailesford College of Arts and Sciences,

Prof. Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi's academic misconduct threatens to bring disrepute to Prairie View A&M University.

His journal Applications and Applied Mathematics (AAM) includes as an editor a known academic fraudster, Ji-Huan He [1, 2]. Haghighi refuses to fire him even though we told him in well-documented detail about He's fraudulence, and even though Haghighi was aware of He's ethical challenges since October 2010.

The scandal has already prompted another AAM Editorial Board member, Prof. Julio D. Rossi, a serious mathematician (unlike Ji-Huan He), to resign in protest as a matter of principle. But as you can see from the list of editors, Haghighi has not so far honored Rossi's request to be removed.

This is scandalous. I hope you will investigate and do what you think is right. For Ji-Huan He's name to remain on a journal associated with Prairie View A&M makes the University a laughing stock.

A scammer and crackpot with a penchant for inserting himself into innumerable editorial boards and similar prestigious-sounding positions, Ji-Huan He has already been fired from dozens of them when his shenanigans were brought to light. For the reputation of Prairie View A&M, please independently verify the truth of what I say, and then persuade Prof. Haghighi that he should fire Ji-Huan He. Let me know if I can provide any more information or help your investigation in any way.

For completeness I should add that since I first wrote Prof. Haghighi on April 29, Ji-Huan He has been fired from yet another editorial position, this time the International Journal of Ecology and Environmental Management (IJEEM).

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

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