Sunday, May 1, 2011

My reply to Haghighi and the AAM Editorial Board

I just sent this.

Dear Prof. Haghighi and AAM Editorial Board members,

Prof. Haghighi's response to my email shows that he intends to do nothing about Ji-Huan He. He's not particularly interested in Editorial Board feedback. He's going to take an extremely long time to do whatever he does. He prefers smoke-filled back-room secrecy to transparency. He hopes to hunker down and let the storm blow over.

He studiously ignores Prof. Arnold's exposés of the Ji-Huan He impact factor fraud in SIAM News and in Journal of the American Mathematical Society. Perhaps Haghighi should consider resigning his SIAM and AMS memberships, either as a matter of principle, or because he doesn't read their journals, as the case may be.

When responsible Editorial Boards and Editors-in-Chief investigate, they always fire Ji-Huan He as an embarrassment. I am doing AAM a favor by bringing this matter to your attention. As members of the Editorial Board it's up you to convince Prof. Haghighi not to make AAM, himself, and the Editorial Board, a laughing stock. He won't listen to me.

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

A reader points to his CV, which is larded out to 27 pages.

Haghighi Vita Current 02-08-10

For example on page 3 he lets us know he's on the university's Library Committee. Please.

And our reader gives these MathSciNet reviews and a disclaimer:

MR0874652 (88f:60167)
Montazer-Haghighi, A.
An M/M/2/∞ queueing system with feedback.
Bull. Iranian Math. Soc. 13 (1986), no. 1-2, 11–27.
60K25 (90B22)

This is a routine analysis of a straightforward problem, namely, system time statistics for an M/M/2 system where completed services may re-enter the system. The presentation is marred by numerous misprints and lack of reference to previous analyses of the problem.

Reviewed by Brian Conolly

MR0862555 (87m:60217)
Montazer-Haghighi, A.(IR-SHBH-S); Medhi, J.; Mohanty, S. G.(3-MMAS)
On a multiserver Markovian queueing system with balking and reneging.
Comput. Oper. Res. 13 (1986), no. 4, 421–425.
60K25 (90B22)

For a minor variant of the M/M/c queue, where customers arriving to find all servers busy may balk with constant probability p and may renege if service does not commence within an exponentially distributed time interval, some elementary results are derived by routine arguments.

Reviewed by V. Ramaswami

Disclaimer: it is probably unfair to judge people by a few negative MathSciNet reviews; some reviewers are just plain snarky. And some of Prof. Haghighi's more recent (joint) work was reviewed in a more neutral voice.


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  1. As someone who wrote the comment included above, I'd like to state the following:

    1. There is nothing wrong with serving on a university library committee.

    2. Noting all minute details of one's professional life on the CV is pompous & somewhat ridiculous, but it's sometimes necessary for officious purposes (promotions, etc), particularly in public universities. Pomposity is only a minor (though very annoying) sin; some of the most prominent/accomplished scientists are guilty of it as well.

    3. On the balance, I agree with Jason that He (& other notorious scientific schemers) should be subjected to public ostracism & removed from their "prominent" positions of influence. And I recognize that some editors might be tempted to sweep it all under the rug, unless the case is made sufficiently forcefully. But I definitely dislike the wording & style of Jason's letters to editorial boards. These letters come across as presumptuous & frequently border on insulting; they primarily threaten board members' reputations rather than appeal to those members' sensibilities. If it were not for Arnold's articles, the tone of the letters would make it very easy to dismiss Jason as a crackpot outsider attacking established scientists.

  2. I accept that criticism. El Naschie Watch is somewhat of a scandal rag though; that's just what we are. And there is a place for us in the ecosystem. I would point out to anonymous that the polite bloggers have not deigned to write to the various editorial boards. They won't get their hands dirty. Our tabloid approach is synergistic with Arnold's articles. How much red would there be in the Master List without El Naschie Watch?

  3. Why does Haghighi list all the papers he has reviewed on his CV, including manuscript numbers and titles. This defeats the purpose of blind review. At most he might have a generic list of journals he's served for as reviewer, but providing such detailed information is highly unusual, if not improper.