Monday, May 9, 2011

Naschie Party member now fears El Naschie's taint

A Naschienal Socialist, in a new paper, fails to cite the great man at all.

On Matti Pitkanen's blog TGD diary, there's a May 3 post titled The puzzling situation in dark matter searches. In response to comments left there by Ervin Goldfain, I wrote

Hi Ervin,

Where is going to be published? I am bemused to see that it talks about fractal space-time without citing El Naschie even once among 72 references. Do you no longer consider yourself a member of the E-infinity group?

Best regards,

Jason of El Naschie Watch

Goldfain had previously published nearly a dozen papers citing El Naschie in the ill-fated Chaos, Solitons and Fractals. He is studiously ignoring me.

UPDATE: Matti Pitkanen has removed my comments (the comment above being the substantive one) from his blog, calling them "malevolent". What a wuss.

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  1. "Nothing relevant for the discussion" - sure, but "malevolent"... Matti, you really should thank Jason who informed you and the readers of your blog that Goldfain was (and probably still is) connected to the E-infinity group of crackpots. A benevolent act, I would say.

  2. And Matti, it seems that your blog attracts interesting individuals: zonterapeuts, reflexologs... LOL

  3. Thanks, Shrink. And Ervin should thank me for reminding him to cite El Naschie. ;)

    Also Ervin said his paper was going to be published. I asked where. That's not off-topic.

    Related: On The Reference Frame, Luboš Motl, Matti Pitkanen, Shawn Halayka and I have a conversation.

  4. Shrink, OMG you're right about crackpottery at Matti's blog. Zone therapy, reflexology... In this post he even links to a new-age video about so-called water memory.

    "water droplets remember the person who prepared them or the flower dropped to the water by the structure of the droplets" he helpfully explains. He's a kook, plain and simple.

  5. Oh, you're totally right. I've overlooked the description in his profile: "TGD is a noble attempt to construct a theory of everything, not forgetting consciousness." Whenever consciousness is mixed with physics, it's almost surely crack-pottery. And I thought Lubos was exaggerating again. :D