Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Jihan Fadel movie opens today in Egypt!

The film is based on the life of the Egyptian poet Ahmed Fouad Negm, known as Al Fagoumy. Actress Jihan Fadel (جيهان فاضل), daughter of Said Elnashaie's wife Shadia Al-Shishini by a previous marriage, has an important role in the film. In the movie poster, she's shown below center of the image.

Mohamed El Naschie and his sockpuppets despise Said, Shadia and Jihan because of political differences and a family dispute over inheritance.

Here are two links in English about the movie:

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  1. Dear Jason
    I attended a lecture of Dr. Tarek Ibrahim from Alexandria University. It was a general lecture about the theory or relativity. It was awesome and I enjoyed it very much. That was like two weeks ago. I looked for information about this professor and found this site
    In the part of PDF downloads, He put the reports of the referees, they are all Fellows in Royal Society FRS, to reward him the degree of Doctor of Science, D. Sc. Any way in the first one of them, written by Robin Marshall from Manchester University, in the last page of his report he mentioned something about Elnashie and it seems that there was a problem between the two men Ibrahim and the Duke. Any way, I think he said something funny about the great man. He said " discussion with someone called Elnashie". I think you might enjoy this report.


    Awesome! Thank you for the link and the excellent information.

    Readers may remember that Dr. Tarek Ibrahim from Alexandria University is, unlike El Naschie, a real physicist. AU President Hend Hanafi scandalously gave El Naschie an Emeritus type position in the AU Physics department, which must have been annoying to Ibrahim and his colleagues.