Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shocker! Haghighi knew about Ji-Huan He!

Appalling. A reader points out a pair of emails that show AAM Editor-in-Chief Prof. Haghighi was fully aware that Ji-Huan He is ethically challenged at least as early as 21 October 2010.

This is the email revealing He's ethical lapse:

From: Wazwaz, Abdul-Majid []
Sent: Thu 21-Oct-10 7:15 PM
To: [redacted]

Dear All,

I received by e-mail the cover of a journal titled:

Progress in Nonlinear Science [Editor-in-Chief Ji-Huan He]

where my name was listed as one of the editors in chief for this journal. I was really shocked and did not even know that my name was used in the eidtorial board of this journal withou even consulting with me.

However, I sent an e-mail to Prof. He informing him that I step down from the first two of his journals. I like to inform you all that I have no relation of any kind with all journals that Prof. He publishes. Using my name without a written approval from me is illegal.

Abdul-Majid Wazwaz, Professor
Associate Editor/ Applied Mathematics and Computation
Department of Mathematics
Saint Xavier University
Chicago,IL 60655


For my Book Partial Differential Equations and Solitary Waves Theory, please visit:

By the way, putting people on editorial boards without their permission seems to be a habit with Ji-Huan He. Prof. Robert S. Mackay at Warwick University told us regarding the journal IJNSNS of which He was Editor-in-Chief before he was fired,

The next I knew, I was a Co-Editor, along with one other. I don't think I had offered to do that but I decided not to object, as the project looked worthwhile.

Here is Haghighi's reaction to the revelation that Ji-Huan He appointed Wazwaz without permission:

Subject: RE: Prof. Ji-Huan He Journals
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2010 21:41:59 -0500
From: Haghighi,Aliakbar
To: [redacted]

Dear Professor Wazwaz:

I am sorry to be informed of such an un-ethical act. I hope whoever has done such an act notices that a journal does not receive respect just of names of editorial board such as you, but the quality of papers publish as well.

I wish you well. You are an honor in our mathematical profession.
Best regards,

Aliakbar Montazer Haghighi, Ph. D.
Professor and Head of Department of Mathematics
Prairie View A&M University
P. O. Box 519, Mail Stop 2225
Prairie View, Texas 77446-0519
Tel: (936) 261-1970, Fax: (936) 261-2088

Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of AAM, An International Journal:

Haghighi is only pretending not to believe El Naschie Watch. He knows Ji-Huan He is a crook, and he's happy to have him on the Editorial Board anyway.

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  1. Actually this does not surprise me just a bit! We have to see that other face of the medal: if a single person manages to become editor of about 50 journals, maybe the problem is not just that single person, but also the publishers and sectors of the academia. It would be interesting to start questioning the various journals on what criteria are followed to pick an editor: it may be difficult to spot unethical behaviours from the start, but it should be easy to check the academic credentials of a researcher before picking him as editor. Thus the real question that one should ask to prof. Haghighi (or whoever took the decision) is "on what grounds he picked He as member of the editorial board of his journal?".
    Secondly, I would ask him, if he does not believe that being somehow involved in about 50 other journals makes it possible that dr.He can proficiently serve his journal. Are the remaining members of the editorial board in a similar position? (I hope not). It would be nice to ask them their opinions on this point: particularly, it would be nice to know in their opinion what is the maximum number of editorships that a single person can handle proficiently. If the numbers are far from 50, as I suppose, maybe they should have a second look at their editorial board. Finally, it would be nice to check the citation patterns of papers handled by He in this journal and also the mathscinet reports of few of these papers, just to have an idea if more serious problems are present.

  2. To be honest I think it's only the top journals that are at all selective about Editorial Board membership. In the middle there are many that will accept nearly anyone, but can be shamed into dumping embarrassing board members. At the bottom of the food chain there are those like Asian Academic Publisher, Hikari and Medwell that cannot even be shamed.

  3. I completely agree. To see how the process should be, a good example is the American Physical Society's Physical Review journal series. All are outstanding journals leading their respective fields. On the present subject of nonlinear science, we can take a look at Phys. Rev. E ( ): "Physical Review E has an Editorial Board whose members are appointed for three-year terms by the Editor in Chief upon recommendation of the editors, after consultation with APS divisions where appropriate."

    But when the journal is not backed by a non-profit paying-member society, or worse it is backed solely by a for-profit publisher, then there's no accountability to anyone. So, we end up with El Naschie, etc.


    The fact that they have a policy at all makes them exemplary. Sadly, it's unusual.