Friday, May 13, 2011

Video! El Naschie's nanotechnology conference

On Dec. 17, 2006, El Naschie accepts accolades, pontificates, and answers questions. Two parts. In Arabic without subtitles.

The date fits well with our understanding of the history of his interest in nanotechnology scamming as we discussed in El Naschie, Ji-Huan He, and nanotechnology. El Naschie knows no more about nanotechnology than he does about particle physics. His pretended expertise is a trick to get the Egyptian government to give him money for his "nanotechnology initiative".

In the Elbeet Beetak video and I think elsewhere, El Naschie brags about having paid for from his own pocket, because he loves Egypt, a nanotechnology conference, and I think this is the conference he meant. Notice his name prominently featured on the poster. This is not a science conference but an occasion for him to preen and pose for news cameras.

Thanks to YouTube user arabmu who uploaded these on April 18 and 19, 2011.

ندوة الدكتور محمد النشائى الجزء الأول
Symposium, Dr. Mohamed El Naschie Part I

Length 5:53. El Naschie gets respectful introductions, but does not speak.

ندوة الدكتور محمد النشائى الجزء الثانى
Symposium, Dr. Mohamed El Naschie Part II

Length 36.56. El Naschie begins speaking at 7:15.

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