Saturday, May 28, 2011

Zahy finds a strange Marshall connection

Never in my wildest fever fantasies would I have guessed this bizarre confluence.

For background, read

At Manchester University's physics department, Robin Marshall is a colleague of Stuart Dowker.

Dowker is a coauthor, with another Manchester physics professor, now apparently departed from that department, of a paper published in El Naschie's erstwhile vanity journal:

Mo-Zheng Wei and J.S. Dowker. Chaotic streamlines and a strange nonchaotic attractor in divergence-free flows on the 3-sphere, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, Volume 3, Issue 3, May-June 1993, Pages 295-306

Zahy notes that this cites El Naschie seven times! Perhaps Marshall should look a little closer to home for someone whose association with El Naschie may taint their reputation. What the hell is going on at Manchester University? Good lord, at least Ibrahim was critical of the guy.

As if that were not enough, here's a paper that cites the one above:

Gerardo Iovane and Shokry Ibrahim Nada. Strange non-dissipative and non-chaotic attractors and Palmer’s deterministic quantum mechanics, Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, vol. 42, issue 1, October 2009, pp. 641-642

These are the very Iovane and Nada who are infamous members of the Shadowy Brotherhood.

By the way, Marshall's page has got a hit spike. Where are those visitors coming from?! :)

Shrink is amused by these two tweets from Marshall.

And he adds

What about e-mail privacy? According to UK regulators (

Do not take it for granted that your confidentiality notice can be relied upon, however much care goes into its preparation. There is no legal authority on the value of these notices in email communications. When the notice is added automatically to every external communication, there is a risk that a court would consider that the venom in your warning has been diluted.

The value of the notice is that, if the disclosure of the content of an email becomes a subject of dispute, it would be possible to point a court to the existence of the confidentiality notice and argue that the recipient should have known to not disclose the contents of the message.

If your organisation decides that it is worth including such a notice, just be aware that it will be in a court's discretion to ignore it.

Even if a confidentiality notice is added, there's no guarantee it would have a legal impact in a dispute on a court.

So think about this, Robin, when you send emails for which you think are private communication. :)

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