Friday, June 17, 2011

Affiliational arrogation televised

TaylorWessing and Nature, please pay attention. Zahy and our Elbeet Beetak translator have made damning comments on the recently broadcast video El Naschie on Good Day with Aida Seoudy.

At 7:11, 15:36 and 24:35, El Naschie is said to be "Dr. Mohamed El Naschie Prof. of Theoretical Physics at British Cambridge University". The headline graphic here is the 7:11 screen grab.

At 20:13 he says he can't use a computer.

Here are three memorable quotes:

"What if El Naschie is a crook? What if he is not for real?"

"What is this Nobel Prize they keep on talking about? The Nobel Prize is nothing. It just means that you were specialized in some topic."

"If we can attack the ex-president and put him in prison, then I should be able to attack Zewail with no fear."

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