Thursday, June 9, 2011

Argentinian blogger on Ord, Nottale, El Naschie

On his blog alcuimiayciencias, or in English "Alchemy and Science", Gustavo Adolfo Canals, an Oxford math PhD according to his profile, writes critically about E-infinity group crackpottery.

Original Spanish ¿Mecánica cuántica fractal? or Google's English translation Fractal quantum mechanics?.

In his last sentence, Canals notes that Chaos, Solitons & Fractals has one of the highest impact factors in applied mathematics.

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  1. As I read it, he's been critical of Nottale and Ord (Google translated to English):

    Nottale as many "touched by God" applied his theory to all what under the sun, from cosmology to living beings, to quantum field theory.

    Most are not formal derivations estossuperresultados or rigorous, but rather numerological.

    Perhaps that is why the mainstream of theoretical physics obvious large number
    of its scientific results. Still, he has managed to become director of the CNRS
    (Equivalent to French CSIC)

    Precuántica physics at the Planck scale is not falsifiable is a big problem: it is not science but pseudoscience.

    and even of El Naschie:

    Still, both as Ord Nottale publish their articles in the best journals, and have a large following, especially because El Naschie (former editor) deChaos, Solitons & Fractals favored easily publish many articles in his magazine (one of the highest impact factor in Applied Mathematics).

  2. You're right, Shrink! I'll fix it.