Thursday, June 2, 2011

Email on El Naschie to Institute of Physics

We noted in the previous post that El Naschie calls himself a "Fellow at the Institute of Physics in England" and there was some discussion about that in the comments. I have exchanged several emails with IOP and I can confirm that El Naschie is a Fellow.

The Fellowship application looks like this:

FInstP Application

Applicants for the FInstP need two supporters. IOP gives this advice:

Choosing your supporters

Applications for Fellow need two supporters who you can choose for yourself. Please consider the following when choosing your supporters.
  • At least one of your supporters should be a Fellow of the Institute of Physics
  • Occasionally the panel will accept applications from people who have only one IOP Fellow supporting them. In this case the second supporter should be a Fellow of a suitable professional body and the reason for your choice should be explained in a covering letter
  • One supporter should be outside your workplace. The panel request this to ensure independence of opinion
  • Both supporters should have known you (or know of you) for at least two years

Where to find your supporters
The first choice for anyone locating a supporter is their immediate surroundings. If you are working for a scientific or engineering company or department it is likely that others in your organisation will already be members of a professional body.

Many members do not use their designatory letters (such as "FInstP") after their names, so it helps if you actively tell people you are looking for someone with the appropriate membership.

Human resources departments sometimes keep records of who among the staff in your organisation holds professional membership so they may also be able to advise you.

Your supporter does not have to work for the same company as you - they could be clients, customers or collaborators. If you keep business cards have a look through them and see who has relevant letters after their name. This person will need to have known you for at least 2 years and be able to comment on your work.

If you have not been successful so far there are several options open to you.

Current members of the Institute, wherever in the world you are based, who are looking to upgrade their membership will have access to the Internet Register of Member, IROM. This can be found at, where you should log in and select Find a Member from the Member Services section on the left.

Login to MyIOP

If you are not currently in membership you will not be able to access this information.

If after trying the suggestions listed you still cannot find a suitable supporter you will now need to choose someone who is not suitably qualified but who is familiar with your work. We aim to understand all our applicant's different circumstances so to help us understand your choice you will need to explain it in a short covering letter, which should accompany your application.

Suitable people without the necessary qualifications could be people such as:
  • Your head of department or director.
  • A person who is a senior member of another professional body (such as the IET)

If you are still having trouble locating a supporter please contact the membership department for advice.


Membership Department
Institute of Physics
76 Portland Place
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7470 4800

It is likely El Naschie's supporters are members of the E-infinity group. In my most recent email to IOP I had this to say:

If there is a complaint procedure I suppose the right thing to do is for me to initiate that.

1. As a first step, perhaps you can read this introductory material about him on my blog.

2. Note also that he photoshops intimate scenes of himself with Nobel laureates.

3. Is it possible to tell me the names of the people who supported his application? There are a couple dozen names that should raise a red flag, for example Ji-Huan He and Otto E. Rössler.

El Naschie is involved in various scandals of academic and other misconduct, for example citation scamming [1, 2] and his having an FInstP is bad for the reputation of IOP. You can regard this as a formal complaint against him, or advise me how to proceed. My blog, El Naschie Watch, contains a huge amount of information about his shenanigans. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about him, about me, or about anything.

Perhaps we can get his IOP Fellowship revoked.

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  1. :( is there any organization the El Naschie scam won't infiltrate?

  2. maybe the Vatican???