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"Hoping to crucify El Naschie"

In an email, Shrink points to the 8 January 2010 article by Tudor Vieru in Softpedia, Quantum World Reveals 'Golden Ratio' Symmetry, whose comments comprise a small but lovely collection of sock puppetry. They shall be our newest El Naschie Watch archive.

Comment #1 by: Larson on 21 Jan 2010, 10:24 GMT
Now that we have at long last discovered the reality of the golden mean in quantum mechanics and high energy physics, we should recall the true history of this momentous discovery of one of the most amazing principles ever found combining art and science on a fundamental level. It was Mohamed El Naschie who discovered the fundamental role of the golden mean in high energy physics for the first time using golden geometry he was able to explain rationally the two slit experiment. A book which just appeared in World Scientific summarizes all this discoveries. The book is entitled: The Mathematics of Harmony. The author is academician Alexey Stakhov, the renowned mathematician and engineer. It is edited by the American Philosopher Scott Olsen. Some have proposed Stakhov for a Nobel prize based on this publication. Another noteworthy book based on Mohamed El Naschie’s work is that of Leonard Wapner entitled: The Pea and the Sun published by A.K. Peters Ltd, Wellesley, Massachusetts. It is only fair to mention that Mohamed El Naschie’s discovery would have been unthinkable without the work of Garnett Ord and Laurent Nottale in fractal spacetime. The profound question is now how did the golden mean enter into fractal spacetime. The answer is extremely simple. It is through Maulden Williams theorem. This theorem was used for the first time in quantum mechanics by El Naschie. The theorem states that a random cantor set will always have with a probability equal 1 the golden mean as the Hausdorff dimension. Since spacetime is nothing but an infinite collection of random cantor sets, it follows that the mathematical building blocks of quantum mechanics and quantum gravity is the golden mean. It sounds unlikely, esoteric or even crazy, but it is not. If it would be it wouldn’t have been discovered experimentally.

Comment #2 by: Larson on 30 Jan 2010, 12:01 GMT
After the experimental discovery of the golden mean in quantum mechanics there is no room anymore for conventional skepticism. Those who think in conventional terms that golden mean base quantum mechanics is pseudoscience are themselves pseudo scientists. You could say pseudoscience if we are still talking about a theory. On the other hand to deny experimental result confirming the theoretical work of dozens of researchers is pseudo philosophy per se. The golden mean was discovered in relativity by Sigalotti. It is the basis of the first rational explanation of the two slit experiment by the Egyptian Mohamed El Naschie. It underpins high energy physics as discussed by Slovenian Crnjac, Chinese Ji Huan He as well as many of their associates. El Naschie presented the first complete theory of unification based on golden geometry and golden quantum field theory. Golden geometry and topology was developed in Romania by two mathematicians. A recent magnificent book by a noted Soviet scientist Alexei Stakhov bears witness for the reality and theoretical soundness of the golden mean quantum mechanics. There will be always those who confuse rigorousness with a stubborn narrow mindedness. Those who still are able to claim that anything to do with the golden mean is esoteric and pseudo science is incarnation of narrow-mindedness masquerading in the form of stubborn mathematical rigor.

Comment #3 by: Ed Nash on 04 Feb 2010, 19:45 GMT
There is a highly interesting connection between science and religion which comes out as a by-product of El Naschie’s discovery of golden mean geometry and quantum golden mean theory. For a few hundred years facts and values were separated. Science is the world of facts. Morality and art is the world of values. Since Islamic science and later on Francis Bacon, the scientific method dealt only with facts. Anything dealing with values was called philosophy or religion even when facts are also involved. Needless to say art, music, emotions and beauty are all things related to values. It follows then that the golden mean which was used by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Renaissance artists is a fundamental tool in the world of values. It is fundamental to art and consequently emotions, morality and religion. It has something to do with good and bad. You cannot give a definite objective reason for something being beautiful. Never the less we know and feel the beauty of a golden mean composition whether it is in the visual or audio arts. Here comes then the surprise. To discover the golden mean as the basis of quantum mechanics is tantamount to discovering that there is a bridge between the world of values and the world of facts. The experimental confirmation of the golden mean in quantum mechanics and the basic correctness of Mohamed El Naschie’s theory of Cantorian spacetime, which is based on the golden mean, is an irrefutable proof of what people sensed long ago but were not able to demonstrate in a mathematical way, namely that art, religion, mathematics and natural science are somehow deeply interconnected. The experimental work at the Helm Holtz Inst. in Germany and the theory of El Naschie and his colleagues is a radical departure from an old paradigm which lasted for over a thousand years. We can no longer claim that there is no connection between love and reason or emotions and facts. We do not yet have a complete proof. We are not even at the beginning. However with El Naschie’s theory experimentally confirmed, we may be at the beginning of the beginning of a new era in science, philosophy, art and religion.

Comment #4 by: Adam on 06 Feb 2010, 19:50 GMT
I am pleased that the truth has prevailed. Nature is now accused of trying to undermine Mohamed El Naschie deliberately. This accusation is not frivolous. How else can we explain the blind vicious attack by certain doubtful blogs on the golden mean work of El Naschie and how Quirin Schiermeier the journalist working for Nature utilized these vicious attacks to write a completely unacceptable article in Nature. Then came the heavenly justice when a German professor von Storch complained on his blog that the Nature article of Schiermeier deliberately misquoted him. He was gentle enough to say that the harm was not great. However in principle the harm could have been great. No one has the right to smear the reputation of anyone whether deliberately or recklessly due to irresponsible journalism. Now to the burning scientific question. How does the golden mean enter into quantum mechanics. The answer is as simple as it is ingenious. Mohamed El Naschie reformulates quantum mechanics in spacetime following the same concepts used by Richard Feynman as well the classical work of Einstein. Since the building blocks of spacetime are his elementary random Cantor sets and because these random Cantor sets possess the golden mean as a Hausdorff dimension, the golden mean slips into the fundaments of quantum mechanics. Nothing that quantum mechanics is the most fundamental theory upon which science is based, the golden mean could rightly be described as the basis of science. From this reasoning the ideas which Ed Nash expressed in his previous comment follows effortlessly.

Comment #5 by: Magnussen on 13 Feb 2010, 18:02 GMT
Mohamed El Naschie is the first to discover the golden mean as the basis of quantum mechanics. The idea follows in a trivial way from the fact that fractal trees neither overlap nor leave gaps only for a golden mean scale. This is very close to the concept of symplectic dynamics. This is another way to say area preserving Hamiltonian dynamics. El Naschie drives his theory using a Hilbert cube. This is nothing more than a four dimensional cube inside another four dimensional cube and so on ad infinitum. In such infinite dimensional topological space, the two slit experiment with quantum particles finds a natural resolution which is logical and consistent. The quantum dynamics of Palmer is qualitative description of Mohamed El Naschie’s quantitative description. You can find all of that superbly explained in many journal articles published by Ji Huan He as well as G. Iovane and L. Crnjac.

Comment #6 by: sampath on 09 Jul 2010, 10:19 GMT
i like ur approach

Comment #7 by: Al Thatis on 23 Sep 2010, 20:23 GMT
Now that modern scientists are rediscovering the Phi ratio they, like little children, make boasting claims

Comment #8 by: Sciobs on 04 Apr 2011, 21:45 GMT
I understand from some colleagues of mine who were hoping to crucify El Naschie [we shall take this for the title of the archive] for reasons which I do not consider to be complete kosher that they are deeply disappointed. The rumor has it that not a single scientist was ready to testify for Nature’s Quirin Schiermeier against the Egyptian professor. Maybe we underestimated the Egyptians. You saw what they were capable of doing in Tahir Square. Obama said that Americans should bring up their children to be like the Egyptians. The Prime Minister of Norway said we are all Egyptians now. No matter what, I am not going to walk like an Egyptian. Now seriously guys, I am astonished that Dr. John Baez, Dr. Zoran Skoda and their colleagues evaporated into thin air. None of them gave a witness statement to Nature. In fact nobody wants to testify for Nature nor did Nature find anyone who is capable of debating scientific issues with Mohamed El Naschie. Who knows, maybe this El Naschie is a true genius. What do you know? Anyway I sympathize with him in one point for sure. Why should a scientific magazine of the caliber of Nature publish a defamatory article which is neither here nor there? The subject should have been left to learned journals to discuss scientific issues and scientific issues only. Anyway that is the way I see it. There have recently been many papers published on the arXiv claiming to find the golden mean in quantum mechanics as well as Schrodinger’s equation. The articles are not by El Naschie nor by anyone known to me to be working in his group. All these papers may be nonsense but they may also be the real stuff. It is for you to decide. I mean the experts and not only those who are good at cracking jokes and making scandalous allegations. Bye for now.

The comment by Sciobs was from 04 Apr 2011, while El Naschie's appearance in court before The Honorable Mr. Justice Eady took place five weeks later, on 12 May. Shrink notes that Sciobs's optimistic assessment of El Naschie's chances, particularly as regards expert witnesses, seems irreconcilable with the Court's summary of the proceedings as documented in El Naschie vs. Nature BOMBSHELL!.

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