Monday, June 6, 2011

IOP complaint procedure

This is a follow-up to my post Email on El Naschie to Institute of Physics.

IOP has provided me with the following document, which tells how to relieve El Naschie of his IOP Fellowship.

IOP Regulations

I emailed them back, saying

El Naschie is in clear violation of "Falsifying any professional qualification" in Section 11. In snail-mail I will send you a written complaint of 1000 words or less per Section 11.5.2.

I am not a lawyer, but each paper on which El Naschie claimed an affiliation with a university other than Alexandria constitutes a prima facie violation, doesn't it?

In my opinion he also is in violation of Section 4.1:

Candidates for Fellow must be educated to honours degree level in physics or a cognate subject [math is certainly a cognate subject; civil or structural engineering I doubt]


An equivalent level of attainment acquired through a combination of education, training and experience, and demonstrate an outstanding record of contributing at the highest levels of their profession [founder and ex-Editor-in-Chief of a crackpot journal isn't adequate, surely].

Candidates for Fellow must be supported by at least one Fellow of the Institute. [probably Otto Rössler or Ji-Huan He, but I have not seen El Naschie's Fellowship application and it probably won't be made available to me]

If anyone sees other violations, let me know and I will add them to my complaint.

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