Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ji-Huan He missed CHAOS 2011, Crete

Remember when El Naschie Watch got Ji-Huan He kicked off the Honorary Committe for CHAOS 2011?


Apparently he decided that if he couldn't be on the Honorary Committee then he wouldn't attend at all. Shrink checked the Program and Abstracts of the CHAOS 2011 International Conference, and sure enough neither He nor the Great Man is mentioned.

In other Ji-Huan He news, Shrink points out for our amusement one of the last of He's papers before De Gruyter took over IJNSNS: On the shell length and shell size of snails parasitized by trematodes. To me that paper uses trivial math with fancy notation to provide a superficial gloss of respectability on squishy-soft biological science. A reader once commented that this biological allometry business is respectable in the field, and I said they were lucky I wasn't refereeing it. So opinions may vary.

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  1. Jason, be sure you don't miss to notice the 1000th post on El Naschie Watch Blog. 4+1 more and the Great Man will have his own 1001 Arabian nights. :D