Sunday, June 12, 2011

A journal even worse than CSF and IJNSNS

Who would have thought it was possible?

I was doing my daily rounds, Googling the names of E-infinity group members, when I came across a new paper citing Ji-Huan He. The Modified Variational Iteration Transform Method (MVITM) for Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (NPDE) (PDF) by A.S. Arife of South Valley University, Egypt. As one would expect of a paper citing Ji-Huan He, it's not very good. But alarmingly it turns out to be among the best papers in The General Science Journal (GSJ).

Every single paper in this journal is awful. Here are links to a few sample PDFs:

Author: Physicist Joe Nahhas
Title: Real time astronomy coplete [sic] solution of pioneer 10 and 11 acceleration anomalies
Sample quote: "You have to ask yourself the question Alfred: Do I feel lucky? Do ya Alfred? Modern Physics is based on time travel and time travel is not physics."

Authors: Andrey Aliev and Svetlana Taraskina
Title: The Annual Earth Orbit is Towards the Sun and Not Around It
Sample quote: "For more than one hundred years, scientists have explained that summer and winter do not depend on the distance between the Earth and the Sun, which is nonsense."

Author: Roger J. Anderton
Title: Physics students taught to have Einstein's mental disorder
Sample quote: "In order to emulate Einstein's way of thinking and deceive students into thinking they understand relativity, they have to be brain damaged by universities into acquiring Einstein's mental disability."

Author: Eric Sabo
Title: On Gravity
Sample quote: "A Gravity Beam exists between the Earth and the Moon. But it doesn't stop there. A Gravity Beam exists between the Earth and the Sun, Earth and Mars, Earth and Venus, and all the other bodies in the solar system. There are beams between all the bodies in the solar system also. All are interconnected."

Author: S. Kalimuthu
Title: On Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem
Sample quote: "Needless to say (20) establishes the fifth Euclidean postulate which is one of the most famous mathematical impossibilities. So, this proves once and for all the mathematical variation of the Liar’s paradox of the Godelian incompleteness theorem."

The purpose page says GSJ is "Dedicated to the Free Expression of Scientific Theories" and explains that it accomplishes this by dispensing with peer review: "The original and continued purpose of these pages is to provide an opportunity for public presentation of scientific theories without prior and arbitrary assessment, criticism or rejection by the recipient. Judgement by the few runs counter to the spirit of scientific exploration."

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  1. This journal sounded familiar and in fact I've already come across it. The locally known crackpot Amrit Sorli published an essay in it. Check out his awful creation:

  2. Haha, a sample quote from the Amrit Sorli one: "Their preposition seems to be right."

  3. Look: Sorli got some publicity yesterday

  4. Thx, Anonymous. Sorli has already spammed the local popular science forum Kvarkadabra with the above "news" (btw: '' also publicized one of his previous "articles" from 'Physics Essays' last year); needless to say that he got what he deserves. :)

    Jason: Yes, the problem with such sites as '' is that they're run by people who can't distinguish real science from pseudoscience, so that the laymen readers can be easily fooled. But some commenters are aware of Sorli's true status and the value of his publications (e.g., "It's just an assumption of one of authors Amrit Sorli, who is recognized crackpot.")

    Another problem with Sorli is that he's connected to some obscure provincial science center in Slovenia (called Bistra) in which some real scientists work (mainly with PhDs in Chemical Engineering), so that his "science" is de facto endorsed. This fact (and publicity on the internet, e.g., on '') fooled a newspaper in Slovenia to such extent last year that they let him even publish an article babbling about Einstein and relativity, while other newspapers also grabbed the story. Fortunately, commenters knew that he's a crackpot (mainly due to previous exposition on Kvarkadabra), but still it was a big scandal that a crackpot managed to fool the media (unfortunately, the articles were not retracted).

  5. In the article "New Insights into the Special Theory of Relativity" Sorli uses Lorentz transformations to obtain "new" time transformation. But he just do not understand that velocity of body is not the same as velocity of reference frame. Unbelievable!