Sunday, June 12, 2011

Latest Lifeboat Foundation screeds

We last checked in with Otto E. Rössler on May 20. Since then he has written five new posts at Lifeboat Foundation.

May 23, 2011. Self-critical Assessment of My Armageddon-preventing Results – to be Read Before the American Congress, with 15 comments. The quote in the headline graphic is from this post.

May 28, 2011. OSAMA BIN CERN, with 13 references and 26 comments.

June 2, 2011. Press Release, with four comments.

June 6, 2011. With no other Jewish person speaking up, I am authorized to say in the name of Jacob: “The ‘Lord’ Orders CERN to Stop until Proven Innocuous, with 11 comments. He's not Jewish, actually.

June 10, 2011. J'accuse, with 11 comments.

The comments in these postings generally disagree with Rössler, which is encouraging.

Luboš Motl has a recent post titled CMS at 190/pb: LHC avoids black hole production.

The CMS Collaboration has published a new paper that also answers the question whether the Earth is going to be swallowed by a man-made black hole. You can be sure that everything is fine and the Earth isn't being eaten yet

he says.

Posts about Otto E. Rössler:

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  1. Rossler's post of June 18 collected more than 100 comments. Some readers try to nail him to what looks like an obvious mistake in his equations, and he does his best to avoid addressing the objections...

  2. "more than 100 comments" Wow! Thanks for the heads-up.