Saturday, June 4, 2011

A new newspaper article by El Naschie

Click the pic for full size.
The newspaper is called Masr El-Ghad (مصر الغد) which means Egypt Tomorrow. I am not familiar with it, and I don't see it in this list of Egyptian newspapers. It's an odd coincidence because that also was the name of El Naschie's column in Rosa Al-Youssef before it died.

What's the title of the article? What's it about? What's the date of publication? This is a graphic so Google Translate will not help.

Thanks to Mohamed Mustafa for posting this item.

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  1. This has also been posted to another El Naschie sockpuppet blog: Dr. Mohamed El Naschie's views on Politics, Science and Culture

  2. Jason: you will not beleive what the title says:
    Elnaschie Says: Nowdays, the scientific research in Egypt is "hambaka". Hambaka is an egyptian word for a non sincere work, or if some one claims to do something without being honest in it. I think someone has to shout at him asking him to shut up and that he is the one who is doing the "hambaka"!

  3. The banner of the article says that "Egypt tomorrow" is a weekly newspaper that belongs to 'Al Ghad' party. Isn't Said El Naschie a leading member in this party ? Could this mean a change in the brother's relationship ?

  4. Hambaka -- Oh the irony!

    Hossam, the paper is associated with Ayman Nour's El Ghad party of which Said is a prominent member?! Wow, that does suggest they've settled their differences. However, I see that the anti-Said sites and are still up which suggests enmity still exists. I think those sites are owned by the other brother Amr but I am not certain.