Friday, June 10, 2011

Video! El Naschie on Good Day with Aida Seoudy

This Nile Television Network program was uploaded on 4 June 2011 by YouTube user AidaSeoudy. I don't know the exact date of broadcast but it must be recent. The video is 27.59 in length but it is somewhat broken, stopping abruptly at 14:45 and requiring a page refresh to see the rest. For safe-keeping I have downloaded as much as I can.

د.محمد النشائي مع عايدة سعودي قي نهارك سعيد
Dr. Mohamed El Naschie with Aida Seoudy valuable Good Day

د. محمد النشائي استاذ الفيزيا النظرية بجامعة كامبريدج البريطانية في نهارك سعيد مع عايدة سعودي و حوار حول مستقبل البحث العلمي في مصر
Dr. Prof. Mohamed El Naschie physicist at the University of Cambridge on Good Day with Aida Seoudy in dialogue about the future of scientific research in Egypt.

The description associates El Naschie with Cambridge University, which of course is ridiculous. I don't know whether the false affiliation appears in the video itself.

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  1. Absolutely hilarious! The douche outdoes himself and delivers a gem of self-delusion. For the first time as far as I can tell this is his first full and sustained attack on Zewail on TV.

    Some classic statements he made:

    "What if el Naschie is a crook? What if he is not for real?"

    "What is this Nobel prize they keep on talking about? The Nobel prize is nothing. It just means that yu were specilaized in some topic."

    "If we can attack the ex-president and put him in prison, then I should be able to attack Zewail with no fear."


  2. OMG hahahaha... he's losing it.

  3. The title
    "Dr. Mohamed El naschie
    Prof. of theoretical physics at Cambridge university in London"
    , written in arabic, appears several times on lower right part of the screen.
    You can find these on 7:72, 15:36, 24:35 minutes.

    Maybe Cambridge could fill a lawsuit against El naschie or Egyptian TV for claiming false affiliation.

    Another interesting piece on 20:13, he mentioned that he can't use computer.

    In this video he mentioned Dr. Mohamed Maher and the great man considers him as one his son as well as his best student. The great man considers him as the best one who fits the supposed Nanotechnology project of Egypt.
    I remembered Mohamed Maher appeared on egyptian TV, and he considered El naschie as the world best scientist. It seems that Mohamed Maher was graduated from England. Maybe we can focus on Mohamed Maher to identify his personality.

  4. Zahy, the Cambridge affiliation claim will be important to Nature's lawyers! Thank you for providing timestamps.

    I will investigate M. Maher. Is Maher's appearance on Egyptian TV one of the videos we have?

  5. Jason, to be strictly correct, it is written as
    "Dr. Mohamed El naschie
    Prof. of theoretical physics at British Cambridge university"
    I think the same meaning as before. isn't it?

    You don't have this video on which M. Maher appeared. In fact, in this TV program was associated with french translation and the name of the program "Grande de Egypte". In that program many people appeared like M. Maher,
    Atef Helal,...... I hope we can find this video.

  6. Thanks Zahy, I have made the correction.