Saturday, July 30, 2011

E-infinity communication No. 87

The earliest E-infinity communications were posted on FQXi-395. The E-infinity group ultimately could not endure the ridicule, which they could not squelch on that forum, and instead began posting their communications in their own moderated blog, E-Infinity - High Energy Communications. Going forward it appears that the "El Naschie Watch" copycat blog will be hosting them.

The short, confused and cryptic E-infinity communication No. 87 is the latest. Perhaps it will be expanded into something more coherent, but at the moment it just says

Written on July 27, 2011 by Admin in E-infinity communications
Mohamed El Naschie’s

On the article of John Baez in this month’s Scientific American “The strangest number in string theory”, rediscover octonions and Mohamed El Naschie’s work on the fundamental role of number theory in high energy physics in general and string theory in particular.

The Baez and Huerta article referred to does not mention El Naschie, nor would it be expected to, because Baez is afraid to mention El Naschie at all due to legal intimidation.

I don't know what to call the new blog. It would be confusing to call it El Naschie Watch.

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  1. Hi Jason
    You didn't this comment on the article of Baez, which maybe due El naschie' sock puppet or El naschie himself.

    H0sten 12:20 AM 5/10/11

    Fascinating! I wonder whether John Baez is aware of the important work of Prof. Mohamed El Naschie, the Nobel-nominated Egyptian physicist who has done more than anyone to promote these ideas. The number 5 is of course closely connected to the Golden Mean which has been experimentally confirmed in quantum mechanics, verifying El Naschie's theory.

  2. Haha, I forgot about that. Actually I left that comment. :)