Saturday, July 16, 2011

El Naschie banned from Egyptian universities? is a news aggregation site. Today they have a roundup with one story from "Today's News" (أخبار اليوم) that will be of interest to El Naschie watchers. It is a condensed re-telling of the story we wrote about in Shameless liar suffers Waldheimer's disease. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. Here's the good part:

كما نشرت الصحيفة حوار آخر مع د‮. ‬محمد النشائي،‮ ‬أستاذ الفيزياء النظرية بجامعة كمبردج البريطانية، أكد فيه ان الخطوات التي تضع البحث العلمي في مصر على الطريق الصحيح ‬هي أن ندرس جميع المشاريع المتكاملة التي تقدم بها الكثير من العلماء والباحثين في مصر وأن تؤخذ بجدية‮.. ‬وان نبتعد بالبحث العلمي عن الضجة والصخب الاعلامي وان نوجه هذا الجهد للبحث العلمي الجاد وان يناقش مستقبل مصر العلمي علماؤها وليس وسائل الاعلام‮.. ‬وأن نهتم بالمركز القومي للبحوث الذي أنشأه جمال عبدالناصر وكانت هذه رؤيته في ذلك الوقت للنهوض بالبلاد في مجال البحث العلمي والذي نادى بالتميز العلمي ومنافسة إسرائيل في هذا المجال‮.‬

وأكد أنه يتمنى العودة لمصر والمساهمة في المشروع النووي ويستطيع ان يتبرع بخمسين مليون دولار للمشروع النووي المصري،‮ ‬لكن هاني هلال اصدر قرارا بمنعه من دخول الجامعات المصرية‮.‬

The newspaper also published another interview with Dr. Mohamed El Naschie, professor of theoretical physics at the University of Cambridge, UK1, who underlined that the steps that put scientific research in Egypt on the right track ‬ is that we study all integrated projects made ​​by many scientists and researchers in Egypt and they are taken seriously. And scientific research away from the hype and the media hype and the effort to make this hard scientific research and to discuss the future of Egypt is not a scientific scientists and the media. And take care of the National Center for Research established by Gamal Abdel Nasser and his vision was at the time of the country's advancement in the field of scientific research and scientific excellence, which called for Israel to compete in this area. ‬

He stressed that he is hoping to return to Egypt and to contribute to the nuclear project, and can donate fifty million dollars2 for Egypt's nuclear project, but Hany Helal issued an order banning him from entering Egyptian universities. [!?]

Hany Helal is the Egyptian Minister of Higher Education and State Minister for Scientific Research, according to Wikipedia. His name has come up occasionally before. El Naschie's website says however that Amr Ezzat Salama, and not Hany Halal, has that role:

Honoring Professor El Naschie by the Minister of Science & Technology

Honouring Prof. Mohamed El Naschie (right) by his Excellency Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama, the current (2011) Minister of Higher Education and Minister of State of Science & Technology of Egypt for the contribution of Prof. El Naschie in initiating Nanotechnology initiative in Egypt and increasing the awareness of its vast and important applications in the Arab world.

Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama was the Minister of Science & Technology and held this position in 2005 during the Mubarak era. He was succeeded by Prof. Hany Helal. Minister Hany Helal left after the Egyptian revolution of January 2011. Prof. Amr Ezzat Salama was reappointed and he is currently responsible for higher education as well as research. Prof. El Naschie served as a voluntary adviser for both Ministers.

So I am not sure what to believe. Who is the Minister currently? Was El Naschie banned from Egyptian universities as this seems to say? If so, this is very big news.

1El Naschie has never had any affiliation with the University of Cambridge. He lies about this all the time.
2His claim of readiness to donate fifty million dollars to a nuclear project seems to contradict his claim to the judge in the Nature case, Mr. Justice Eady, of being broke.

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  1. Helal's entry on wikipedia was not updated since December 2010. Based on this entry the current Egypt's Minister of Education and Higher Education is Dr. Ahmed Gamal El-Din Moussa.

  2. Ahh, thank you shrink. Lots of turnover in Egyptian government posts lately. :)

  3. Most of the cabinet will be changed today or tomorrow max...stay tuned :)

    Hany Helal was the Mubarak regime minister of higher education. I don't believe that he banned El Naschie from entering universities since both were Mubarak puppets. Besides, El Naschie said several times that he was Helal's consultant. It seems to me that he's just saying that to appear as someone who was persecuted by the old regime.

  4. "It seems to me that he's just saying that to appear as someone who was persecuted by the old regime."

    Ahhh, I should have guessed. That's hilarious.

    Please keep us informed on cabinet changes!

  5. "Please keep us informed on cabinet changes"

    It doesn't matter much, to tell you the truth. This will be the third "transitional" cabinet since the outset of Mubarak. Any cabinet will remain without real powers since the army is controlling everything. This will remain the case until the presidential and parliamentary elections.

    The new Higher Education minister will be Dr. Moataz Khorshid. He was the vice president of Cairo university.

  6. Heart attack? Check. Stroke? Check. Coma? Check. Herpes?