Thursday, July 7, 2011

Great Man's brothers more respected

In post-revolution Egypt, Mohamed El Naschie is getting less adulation than he used to. Today his brothers are spoken of with reverence. These are two brand-new posts on chat forums.

On, Egyptian housewife Maha Zahra proposes a list of names to comprise a Presidential Council. Said Elnashaie is included but Mohamed El Naschie is not. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

Preliminary list of the Presidential Council and subject to the addition of any decent person, and please note there will be no consensus on the acceptance of which it is acceptable to have rejected others, and vice versa as well. But it will not contain the details of their refusal to collect the remnants of Mubarak:

Awa + ElBaradei + Nour + Bastawisi + Zakaria Abdel Aziz + Ahmed Makki + Wagdy Ghoneim + Kamal Khalil + Secretary Sikandar + George Isaac + Khudairi + Mamdouh Hamza + Farouk Juweidah + Fahmi Howeidi + Sabbahi + Arian + Aboul-Hariri + group Magdi Htata + Abdel Halim Kandil + Kamal Abu Eita + Kamel + sad Tahir + Ahmad Abu Zaid + Sheikh Mohamed Hassan + Amr Khaled + Essam Sultan + Amr Hamzawy + Wael Nawara + Galal Amer + Sakina Fouad + Hamdi Fakhrani + d. Gamal Zahran + Ghaffar thanked + Abualala past + d. Ahmed rider + Sameh Attia Sloan + Mona El Shazly + Amr Laithi + Ahmed Maslamani + Wael Ibrashi + Ibrahim Issa + Hamdi Kandil + d. Ghar Abu + Mohammed Sobhi + d. Ahmed Zewail + Sobhi Saleh + Izz al-Najjar + Yasser Taha + Omda Mohammed + El Moataz Bellah Abdel Fattah + Alaa Aswani + Ghazali Harb + General Ahmed Rushdi + Captain Mohammed Wadi + report Ayman Salem + d. Safwat Hegazi + Mohamed Mohsen + Mona Makram Ebeid + Abla Kahlawi + beautiful Ismail + Bilal Fadl + Adel Shalaby + Ibrahim, the Egyptian + Ahmed Maher + Ahmed Salah + Abdel Fattah al-Banna + Ahmed birthday + Khaled Taha + Captain Mohammad Maroof + General Ahmed Helal + Wael Ghoneim + Husam Faraj Al-Najjar + Wael Abbas + Iman Hariri + Chancellor forbade Zeini + Ahmed Abdullatif + d. Farouk El-Baz + Shater + Hazem Salah Abu Ismail + Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh + Massad Abu dawn + Badri Farghali + congratulations Jabali + Mohamed Habib + Hassan Nafaa + Osama Rushdi + Mohammed Sherdy + Osama Ghali + Mtansr Zayat + Ahmed Bahaa Shaaban + Islam Lutfi + Mohammed Kaffas + Dr. Said Elnashaie + Ahmed Kilani

On, Tortured Soul lists various prominent Arabs and Egyptians. He mentions Mohamed El Naschie's other brother, Amr S. Elnashai, but unfortunately not the Great Man himself. Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

For example but not limited to ...
Edward Said Palestinian thinker ..
Ahmed Zewail, Egyptian-born and the first Arab-Muslim world to win the Nobel Prize
Charles Eves, of Lebanese origin space scientist at NASA
Pelvic-Aal Abdel-President of the Council of Moroccan origin biomedical and technological
Farouk al-Baz, Egyptian-born director of the Center on Space Research at NASA
Munir Hasan Nayfeh Palestinian origin, the most prominent physicists in the world
Said Tayeb, head of Palestinian origin, genetics and birth in a hospital in Montreal
Elias Alzahrona President of Algerian origin, U.S. National Institutes of Health
Amr Elnashai Egyptian-born member of several scientific societies in the Western countries of specialization Seismology
Magdi Yacoub Egyptian origin, is one of the senior surgeons of the world holds a knighthood, the highest title of his British counterpart
In addition to some scientists who were murdered because of their superior scientific ...
Because they dare, and touched the areas of research and study in the campus with the blessing of the West, the Zionists
The sons of b ..... Aer
Who remembers or knows

Egyptian nuclear scientist Dr. Mashad Yahya
Egyptian scientist Dr. Corn. Samira Moussa
Egyptian nuclear scientist Dr. Kulaina Nabil and missing since 1975
World of space research Egyptian d. Mostafa honorable and Arabs nicknamed Einstein
Egyptian researcher Dr. Salwa Habib
Egyptian researcher Dr. Gamal Hamdan
Lebanese scientist Dr. Abeer Ahmad Ayyash
Saudi Arabia d scientist. Samia Abdel Rahim Mimna
And do not forget the Saudi student (may Allah free him) Humaidan Turkish

His unrelenting sycophantic toadying to Hosni Mubarak is coming back to haunt him.

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  1. I don't know how long one can be "respected" by publishing in journals like this and lauding El Naschie:,%20Carter.pdf
    I see that Elnashai is the CEE department head at UofI. I wonder if the CEE curriculum now requires students to take a class in Cantorial Spacetime Numerology? Or maybe they are required to present some IJNSNS papers of El Naschie's at a journal club?

  2. To Anonymous:
    I think Amer Elnaschie (the great man's brother) is a charlatan. He dedicated many papers to his brother (the great man).

    I really wonder how Amer Elnaschie had a position in imperial college and now in University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign. It is more than clear that Amer Elnaschie doesn't know physics nor mathematics.

  3. Here's that link.,%20Carter.pdf

    Fascinating! I don't think I've ever seen this IJNSNS piece before.