Sunday, July 3, 2011

Muslim Brother fond of El Naschie

I think is a Muslim Brotherhood website anyway. I could be wrong.

A Syrian commenter on the site has posted an enormous amount of pro-El Naschie boilerplate claptrap in a brand-new July 3 post. Original Arabic or Google's English translation. We've seen it all before so I won't add it to this post, but go have a look.

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محمد النشائى El Naschie Watch محمد النشائي El Naschie News محمد النشائى محمد النشائي All El Naschie All The Time محمد النشائى


  1. Interesting! In the article he says "Topography" while in fact he means "Topology"

  2. Hi, Moataz. He also calls Stephen Hawking "S.Hawkings" which is pretty funny. There's a list of obvious mistakes that crackpots should try and avoid, and calling him "Hawkings" or "Hawkins" is one of them. :)

  3. Yes, I think you mean John Baez' crackpot index :-) It certainly applies