Saturday, July 30, 2011

New business mag has El Naschie on board

Original Arabic or Google's English translation.

As you see the picture captions have placeholder text "test test test..." so they are still getting organized. I can't even tell exactly what the publication is supposed to be called.

The monthly magazine will be about "multimodal transport, trade and economy, insurance, tourism and exports" with articles in both Arabic and English. El Naschie's honorary place on the Editorial Board is apparently due to the misunderstanding that he's a "selected elite in the scientific community" rather than what he actually is -- a charlatan.

UPDATE. Zahy points out El Naschie has considerable involvement with the magazine already from his websites! It's called International.

Here are Zahy's links, from the comments, enabled.

On his main website is a long August 2007 article by El Naschie with lots of small pictures:

This page is interesting. Last row, third from the left shows a picture of El Naschie on hajj to Mecca whose display Zahy considers tacky ostentatious behavior:
El Naschie showing off?! Who would have expected that. :)

Here it is. I wish it were bigger but that looks like El Naschie in the middle. That's probably Mount Arafat behind him.

Finally, this is a page of International from Mohamed Mustafa's bog:

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  1. El naschie has already a link with this magazine and published articles in this magazine

    The first one on 2007
    on page 5 of that article you will find the title
    Unified theory and El naschie's works. (In Arabic).
    In this article you will find a lot of pictures and photos. You will find many for the great man. You will
    find one for him in the Holy Land at Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It is the on in page 4,
    midle in the last row. This is not a good sign from Islamic point of view, it is not god to show your photos for the people to show that you have visited Mecca. It should be done for the sake of God not for showing other people.

    The second in 2011

  2. The right position for the mentioned picture
    The last row, third from the left.

  3. Zahy, I did not make the connection with that magazine on his website! Fantastic. I will add this info to the body of the post.

  4. I think the Mountain should be the Arafat one.

  5. Thanks Zahy, I have made the correction.