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A philosophical essay by Gerardo Iovane

Vite Migliori Per Societa Del Futuro
Thanks to the reader who pointed this out. Above you see the original Italian PDF re-hosted on Scribd. Below the fold is Google's very bad English translation. But it's still possible to understand the gist.

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Lives for Best Company of the Future

Our company and our time have taught us to learn what you can have: cell phones, computers, i-Pad, i-Phones, smart-Phones, luxury cars, apartments and houses elegantly furnished, enormous boats. But everything is not enough and then yearn for more and even more, then more and so we consume and consume more and more so spasmodic. As soon as you can have something new, is already in and ready to put them? Fangolo by, ready to buy more. What is the U.S. or China in the new technology already old and ready to conquer our hearts immediately and shortly after sunset. Many dress clothes, expensive or cheap they are, we get tired quickly and soon end up not satisfy us. And then, from the clothes we end up getting tired of the cars we drive, the houses we live, even friends, or companions of life, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a wife, a husband, lover. We consume all we have won because all without godercelo.

But why does this happen?

Why so many riches are not enough to satisfy our desires and sometimes we even feel poor, even the poorest of our brothers and sisters who live among the marshy fields of nearby Africa, where children are hungry for death?

The answer under the eyes of all! Eyes, however, who dazzled by the glitter and Pajetta, diamonds and cups filled with champagne, you are sick of the stronger blindness, the spirit, the ethical sense of life. Yes, it's true that we are poor, poor, and to cultivate those simple little things that made the family rich values ​​of our ancestors, generations and societies of the past. Then it did not take much to live: a piece of bread, a glass of house wine and a plate of cooked vegetables to the old way, but with? FAMOR sacrifice of those who know what it cost the dish and it looks good from delete it from eating as well as with rapid greed: and too important for that moment to be savored not take a moment to rest and savor the aromas that echo of the life that germinate and given to the earth so that life-giving life. It would not be possible to discard such a plate as we used to do today before the great and welcoming doors of McDonalds, the first of trash? Forgan that happens before d? Faltro the song? Finter the menu? Fabbiano only paid 8 euros; do not know the cost and effort that we are out of the production chain, belong to the line of consumption only.

The generations that have preceded us have misunderstood and transformed the very concept of wealth.

Be worthy and then when you get a result you will be able to really enjoy it, because what is given or assumed stolen tastes, smells different, your views will appear as one of the many objects to be thrown away in the top drawer or container, when there will be something again.

It does not create that memory, there is no need to remember. Yet, without memory you can not build the future, your future, but only to accommodate the other! If instead, the result will be desired and the fruit of our actions and sacrifices, your hard work and commitment then you will see that there will be enough to relegate him to have reached that goal in the last corner of your closet: a result that you want to expose it as a trophy, as possessed the most beautiful picture, so be an example for those who are around and for there to be a witness and comfort when you feel down.

Do not be fooled by the media too careful to newsworthiness, the twenty-first century has not only opened with the globalization, internationalization and the economic crisis born of the sense of fear generated by the fall of the Twin Towers, the terrorist attack of 11 September. The crisis began before there is much more profound that there is a generational change is underway. The crisis is not economic, but certainly the economic crisis there is the effect and not the cause, the crisis of conscience, is the spirit that turns against the body, for love and beauty that is in each complacency can not only own the objects, without even having time to enjoy them. The man is more information of the internet, man-Inform Action. Some say computer expert but even the internet is evolving. The question is then what future can we expect from what will be called Internet of Things and Internet of things?

Why, then, love of things when we can have next to or in front of people? Here's the answer to the success of social networks, make all connected instantly, or cut down the limit spacetime. But this will suffice? Certainly not! We need men and women of great beauty in their peculiarities of character, with their personalities, but above all they are finally able to highlight and show off their physical and personal at the same time the inner wealth that we need so much, need to see, need to hear it, need to feel on the skin and touch, vibrating like the strings of a violin playing a beautiful harmonious music. How much are the scents of spring in a walk in the woods near the sea or in the shade of a tree-lined boulevard along the lake, after a week of commitment? Certainly more than two hours in a mall to eat quell'insufficiente monthly salary or pocket money that maybe we did not even earn, as too busy working, but not at all interested in producing. Yet we go to the mall and we get there on foot, but do not talk about the forest: the forest is gone or we get in the car and do not have the time.

Then we can understand also why so much need to perform. Tronista tissue and needing to show off, unconsciously unaware that those who are asking to go on stage is not the body, but the spirit is a spirit and relegated constipated in a society that runs at a speed that did not leave any possibility to enjoy the journey, but even today not even have time to read the signs that tell us where we are going. And then the answer to many because it is very simple: you need to slow down, maybe stop for a little 'to enjoy the landscape that we are moving in blurred eyes, which look forward too hastily for fear of crashing against the traffic, it is need to slow down to re-learn to drive, giving the true value of what surrounds us, what we are and what they deeply desire.

Individually and easy to get lost and lose the way, especially when it runs into uncharted territories, while in group every journey is enriched by the experience of everyone here and that can become a vacation and not a race without a goal. L? Of the beast? FInformation will leave the place of that? FIntelligenza Collective. In the past, make a reliable and objective research required a great effort in seeking first of all sources, in today? Of the beast? FInformation more than to find information, the real problem and that there is so much that we do not know how to treat . L? Fintelligenza Collective will collectively own the ability to discern and build new truth from multiple points of view, singular and subjective. Who will win not to have more information, but who will know how to become a hub for information, ie a node which comprises more information, but above a node that is connected with as many nodes as possible. Again and nature shows us the way: in fact, the intellectual capacity of an individual are not really related to synapses, or interconnections between neurons? Animals other than an equal number of gray matter not of the same intelligence? Fuomo, and statistically different men with the same amount of neurons do not have the same intelligence? What? F that makes the difference and how neurons are interconnected with each other, just the links. That's because sooner or later the? Of the beast? FInformation will leave at the scene? Of the beast? Intelligence Collective. We may only accelerate this process or delay it or encourage it, but there can be a different future, because the nature and the way that track.

In the past a piece of bread, a glass of wine and a hot meal was enough to make a family happy, but now with so much wealth, we realize that we are missing something, then we should ask ourselves where it comes from the happiness of our grandparents. Their happiness was not the richness of the clothes or the sophistication of the dishes, but from? FAMOR with which his mother cooked it first and put on the table after the pot, which she had prepared with so much dedication and sacrifice that had cost so much even to the Pope to earn just enough to see the smiles of the children.

Love of family, marriage, siblings, couples, love for others, the attention for others, the desire to build something to leave as an example and witness of a ride, what lesson for those who will they are not monetized or quantified, but they are the way to a happiness that now seems to be an ascetic, a happiness that seems reserved only for shamans, philosophers or men of faith.

Most of the diseases of our time and spiritual, regardless of religious belief, because we are too worried to take care of our body hyper-cibandolo's not necessary, unnecessary clothes and correcting imperfections from a mass in running down those read because from the perspective distortion, and we are too careless hand in turning the gaze within ourselves and understand what are the things they need our essence.

We consume all we have won because all without godercelo, because we can not defeat the inevitability of time. First of all that it sets human. One of the biggest falsehoods on which we built our contemporary history, and that? Gil time and money? H, times may be true, but it would be more correct to say that can make us lose no time earning money, but certainly not accumulate wealth . If time was money, that time is money, then money would be time. The man, however, managed to conquer all the space, air, to tame the fire, but not the time to shape and bend it to his human will, can not buy it, even with unlimited wealth. So here's the answer to begin the journey towards the future: to accept this human condition, understand that living at high speeds and having anything you can not dominate the time, this consideration will help us to recognize its superiority and transcendence, to appreciate and enjoy every moment of life as unique and irretrievable. When this knowledge will be shared collectively, begin to have a future and we would have left behind the Information Age since the first survivors of the New Age Collective Intelligence.

Gerardo Iovane

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