Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Raju attacks Western stereotypes of knowledge

On University Ranking Watch, Prof. Richard Holmes of Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia writes about a conference that took place recently in that country. He quotes James Campbell of Universiti Sains Malaysia, who apparently said

This is another form of imperialism as universities have to conform with publishing in ISI (Institute for Scientific Information) journals in order to be ranked among the best in the world

but Holmes notes dryly that

As for the the current THE - Thomson Reuters rankings, they have declared an Egyptian university to be the fourth best in the world for research impact.

Haha. Yes.

Holmes says "Most of the conference was devoted not to rankings per se. but to supposed critiques of western science." The article in New Straits Times has several amusing quotes exemplifying this.

Professor C.K. Raju, a visiting professor of Mathematics at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), talks about Modern Mathematics being wrongly taught to students for centuries.

He singles out Calculus as an example and says the subject is “erroneous” and clouded by “religious biases”.

“It was brought to Europe from India and was misunderstood by the European (scholars) (and that) led to mistakes,” says Raju, a distinguished professor at Inmantec, Ghaziabad, India.

Holmes is surprisingly muted in his reaction, considering that university ranking is being called a form of "new colonialism", etc.

UPDATE. We have been getting hits from Google searches for C.K. Raju, like "c k raju crackpot". There is a lot of info about him on the Internet, some quite amusing, like Dr. C.K. Raju has corrected a mistake made by Einstein.

Readers may remember the Telesio-Galilei Academy of Science which we wrote about in A lovely crackpot site. Last year they gave C.K. Raju an award, as it happens. Here he is accepting the award, and correcting Einstein:

He must be popular in certain circles because there are many YouTube videos of him.

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  1. Instead of critiquing his polemic, you're attacking him personally ? Characteristic of western fools.

  2. Western fools? Haha. :) (For context I should mention that the commenter is from Bijapur, Karnataka in India.)

    We didn't attack Raju personally. Indeed we don't know anything about him personally. We only know about his apparent crackpottery, which he makes no effort to hide.

  3. It would actually be good to know if any one of you lot who critic him to challenge him publically and if he indeed is a crackpot, im sure you'd be able to prove your point.

  4. It would be delightful if C.K. Raju wrote a guest post on this blog. He can say whatever he wants. :)

  5. C.K. Raju accused Sir Michael Atiyah, winner of prestigious awards (the Fields Medal, the Copley Medal and the Abel prize) and former President of the Royal Society, Edinburgh, and of the Royal Society, London, of copying his work without acknowledgment.



    Sounds familiar, doesn't it? LOL

  6. There is no doubt that Atiyah has stolen his research because he is a Britisher.

    Yet it is strange inconsistency that if you go to any US university, the Computer Science and Electronic strain classes (which require brains and competition ), have only Indians and Chinese , with a sprinkling of whites.

    Every invention was done by Asians until these western people started patenting our knowledge.

    Neha Ramu, 12 Year Old is Smarter than Einstein.

    A 12-year-old Indian-origin girl in UK has stunned everyone after she scored an incredible 162 on her IQ test - even higher than Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

  7. Oh, sad Aane, the main topic of this blog would certainly understand your feelings:

    He deserves the Nobel Prize several times over, and has been nominated for it, but it has been denied him because he's Egyptian, Muslim, and named Mohamed.

    Dirty, dirty Western people! :D

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